4 Tips Every Daily House Cleaning Routine Needs

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To maintain a clutter-free neat and tidy home, you’ll need my daily house cleaning routine tips.

  • carefully consider what you buy and bring into your home
  • be consistent with following a daily house cleaning routine
  • make sure you have enough time set aside to clean and tidy your home
  • follow the one in and one out rule to prevent clutter from taking over

So you’ve done a fantastic job and decluttered your entire house. The place is tidy, and while the process was a satisfying albeit emotional one, you’re much better off now.

Excellent job… but there’s a catch here.

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Keeping your home clutter-free is not a one-time action. It’s a habit. If you’ve not inculcated the habit, sooner or later clutter is going to start piling up again and a few months from now, you’ll have a lot more unwanted items in your house.

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Consider what you buy and bring into your home

In order to prevent clutter from sneaking in, you’ll need to be mindful of exactly what you’re bringing into the house. In a way, living mindfully can be considered a habit too.

It’s a type of mental routine you follow where you practice awareness of your day-to-day activities, rather than blindly living by instincts.

Mindfulness will make you question yourself before you buy anything. Do you really need it? Will it bring you happiness or are you just using the item to fill up a void in your life?

These questions will not only help you curb your spending but will also help you detect any underlying emotions you may have so you can address them.

The fewer unwanted items you purchase, the less clutter you’ll bring home.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Joshua Becker
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Consistent Daily Habits

Decluttering is not just about removing items that don’t serve you. It’s also about keeping your home tidy. That will mean sorting out the items that you do have.

Never let your dishes pile up. Always do them all at the end of the day. This is one habit that applies across the board.

Don’t let your laundry pile up. Wash them and when they’re dry, fold them up and put them away.

You may wish to recruit family members to help you out. Everyone can take turns doing the chores daily. You must have house rules in place so that family members don’t inadvertently negate your decluttering efforts.

easy house cleaning schedule ideas

Put aside some time daily

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Putting aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to do some light decluttering will ensure that you’re consistently maintaining your surroundings.

You’ll want to watch out for flat surfaces that are notoriously prone to attracting clutter. Your dining table, kitchen countertop, living room side table, etc. are all places where clutter can find a home.

Usually, clutter builds up when people in the household casually leave items in these spaces and then neglect to clear them. Over time, the clutter will build up.

Cleaning up after yourself might seem like a mild hassle, but it’s easier to do it today, than tomorrow when there will be more clutter. Encourage your family members to be mindful of the clutter they’re leaving around the house.

Once everyone in the household is aware of the items they’re responsible for clearing, the house will become a lot tidier and clutter-free.

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‘One in, one out’ rule

One of the best decluttering habits you can build is to practice the “one in, one out” rule. This will automatically ensure that the clutter in your home doesn’t become unmanageable.

The rule itself is extremely simple in nature. For example, if you buy a new book, you’ll discard an old book you currently own. You can either donate or sell off the old book.

Whatever the case, removing the item makes way for the new one. This principle can apply to clothes, old electrical appliances, etc.

One in, one out – period.

easy house cleaning schedule tips

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The 4 habits above are simple in concept but will be initially difficult to execute because it takes time to build a habit. You’ll be met with resistance within yourself.

The old ‘lazy’ you want to live casually and make you a casualty of clutter. The new you wants to feel free and live in a tidy, spacious home that encourages creativity.

So, the process will be an uphill one, but once you’ve made minimalism a habit, you’ll have no problems having a clutter-free home. Get started today and take it one step at a time.

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