Craft Room Organizing Ideas Easy Ways to Organize Craft Supplies

Craft Room Organizing Ideas

Here are my top craft room organizing ideas. This includes easy ways to organize craft supplies.

You will find that when you start to take up a craft as a hobby you soon end up with loads of materials. Unless you find suitable storage solutions you will soon be overrun with a lot of crafting clutter.

Here are some products that should help you to keep your crafting and sewing supplies under control.

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How to Organize Ribbons for Crafting

Ribbons are great in all kinds of crafts espcially cardmaking and scrapbooking.

If you have a large collection of ribbons I bet they end up as a tangled mess sometimes!

The parts of the ribbons that become tangled have to be discarded as the ribbon creases.

This lovely wooden ribbons organizer is a great solution.

How to Organize Stamping Supplies

If you are into stamping then you will know that there are a lot of different items to store and organize.

This craft organizer trolley will help you to store all your stamping materials, including paper, inks, embossing powder, heating gun and stamps.

This trolley would also work well for your if you don’t have dedicated craft room. This trolley could be wheeled up to your kitchen table away you go.

How to Organize Buttons

I’ve got a large collection of old buttons, these were inherited from my mother in law.

I often incorporate these into my crafts. Until I organized these buttons by size and color I had to tips out hundreds of buttons that were stored in large tin containers. Every time I looked for a suitable button very time-consuming!

With this storage system you can see immediately what buttons you have to hand.

This system could also be used for small fiddly items like beads, sequins and sentiments.

How to Store Metal Dies

Metal dies are such a great invention for cutting out silhouettes and patterns on card, paper and material. I couldn’t imagine life without them now.

They are however tricky to store in an organized manner.

Here is a system of magnetic sheets that holds your dies neatly in place.

It’s great that the sheets are clipped together in a binder so you can flick through your die collection and easily select the die you need.

This comes with 3 magnetic sheets included but more sheets can be bought separately.

Card Makers Storage Solutions

Here is the right kind of plastic storage box that will be perfect to hold all your cardmaking materials.

It is made up of extra deep compartments, with removable dividers.

I also has a very useful set of handles, and snap-shut latches, to keep all your supplies safe.

Curling Ribbon Dispenser

If you use curling ribbons alot you will know how easy it is your collection to end up in a mess.

This clever ribbon dispenser solves that problem by holding each spool separately.

How to Organize Stickers for Scrapbooking?

If your craft of choice is scrap-booking you will no doubt have plenty of stickers that need to be organized.

I like this neat little filing system that sits neatly on your desk.

You can then see a glance what you have in stock, and it makes it easy for you to select the sicker you need for your project.

Best Way to Sort and Organize Beads

One item, you really need to keep well organized, is your bead collection. There is nothing worst than spilling your beads onto the floor.

I did that once and months ago and I’m still finding rouge beads!

This organizer will keep your beads safe.

Ideas for Organizing Scrapbook Supplies

I love this tote, as it has a large capacity to store all your scrapbook materials.

Yet once you have finished your working on your project it folds away and can go neatly into a cupboard.

So much better than a set of drawers.

Organizing Papercraft Supplies

If your paper supplies are all over the place then this organizer would suit you.

It has plenty of separate racks so your can sort paper by size, color and type.

I also like to organize my paper flat like this. As I find organizing paper vertically (like in a filing cabinet) can buckle paper.

How to Store Fabric in a Small Space

Here is a neat organizer that would be perfect for storing your fabric neatly.

As this tote has handles you can easily pick it up and place it in a cupboard out of sight when not needed.

I comes in wide variety of colors, to suit your own taste.

Organizing Craft Supplies in Drawers

If for example you are crafting on a desk with drawers, it is a good idea to make the most of these.

This can be done with these clear plastic organizer containers.

The clever thing about these containers is the way they are stackable and sliding.

Desk Top Caddy Organizers for Crafters

When we are working on our crafting projects it is nice to have a caddy sitting on the desk that will hold all those fiddly bits and pieces.

Like pencils, pens, scissors and crayons.

I like that this caddy has a useful handle, so you can move around easily.

Organize Sewing Supplies in a Tote Bag

This is a really handy tote bag that has cleverly designed sections for all your sewing or crafting supplies.

This would also be useful if you go to craft meetings away from home.

Cotton Thread Spool Organizers

If sewing is your craft of choice then you may need to organize all the different colored thread spools.

This beautiful wooden organizer will hold up th 60 spools in a rather pleasing way.

You will be able to see at a glance what cotton supplies you have.

Paint Storage Tray

Most crafts require some kind of paints. This is a great way to organize them all together.

You can see at a glance what you have and quickly select the colors you want for your project.

This little storage system could also be used for bottles of glitter, embossing powder and sequins.

Desktop Pen Organizer for Crafting

This is the perfect organizer if you use felt tip pens in your crafting.

I love the way the pens can easily seen, it then only take a moment to find to color you want.

Then you can start working on your art and craft projects at a moments notice.

Sewing Machine Tote Bag and Storage

This is a way of keeing your sewing machine tucked away and protected when not in use.

Also, its useful if you need to take a machine to a crafting lesson or group meeting.

The bag has useful zippers storage pockets for sewing bits and bobs.

and Finally

I very much hope that you have found the right storage solution for your crafting (clutter) materials.

There is such a wide range of storage systems available to everyone. I hope you find what is right for you.

craft room organizer ideas for a decluttered craft room