10 Inspirational Craft Room Design Ideas

Here is a selection of my top 10 favorite craft room design ideas, they have been chosen to inspire us to organize our crafting materials in a creative way.

I love to craft but I struggle to find clever ways of organizing all the crafting clutter.

Looking at these beautiful well organized decluttered craft rooms I’m feeling motivated to improve my craft material stash.

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Craft Room in an Attic

This is a lovely space in the attic that I would love to copy {no loft space thought!!!}

She takes us through the project from a room with bare rafters to it’s completion, very inspiring.

Unskinny Boppy shows us hows its done. The results, a beautiful well organized attic craft room.

Craft Room Tour

My month was salivating watching his craft room tour video.

The owner takes us on tour and goes into detail about all the different types of crft material storage ideas she has.

It’s amazing how much stuff can be stored if you are organized, and this is without anything feeling cluttered.

Tiny Space Converted into a Sewing Room

This is a tiny room that has converted into a practical sewing room.

The room appears bigger than it is because of the vertical cupboards and shelving.

Painting the walls a pale blue together with the white storage gives a sense of space and airiness.


Craft Room Inspired by Ikea

This was a playroom that has been transformed into a practical craft room.

The room uses Ikea hacks to create plenty of built in storage. The end result is really stunning.

Simply Designing has certainly made a beautiful craft room.

Ultra Organized Craft Room

This room has been so well organized using the wall and a system of wooden dowels and narrow shelves to store ribbons, pens, scissors and paints.

All of these materials have a tendency top become such a mess if you let them, espcailly paints and ribbons.

Oh Happy Day has done a great job on her craft room.

Craft Room Storage Space Using an Island Unit

Here a kitchen island had been used as a storage unit for crafting tools and materials.

I love it!

I see there is a TV in the room I quite literally would live in this room if I owned it.


Clever Craft Storage Design Ideas with Shoeboxes

If your crafting supplies are in a mess then this design using cheap shoe storage boxes could work for you.

The main storage boxes are actually transparent shoe storage boxes. They have been modified with liners and a large labels so you know exactly whats inside.

The Happy Housie has gotten clever with shoe boxes.

Pink and Green Craft Room Idea

This is a delightful green, pink and white sewing and crafting room.

The room features plenty of storage using built in shelving, that runs from floor to ceiling.

I love the decoration very retro sixties style.

Closet Factory

Peg Board Craft Organizer Design Idea

If you are good at DIY then this pegboard craft supply organizer would be easy to complete.

It is very versatile as you can change the storage areas as you please.

A Girl and a Glue Gun has some clever ideas using pegboard.

Large Luxurious Craft Room for More Than One Person

This must be the ultimate craft room design ideas. It is in a very large room so has plenty of space for more than one person working at the time.

The turquoise accessorises like the light shade and chair covers.


and Finally

I very much hope you enjoyed looking at the craft room design ideas I have chosen.

I really hope they have inspired you to take action to start organizing and decluttering your craft room.