Best Country Trash Cans for Kitchen Rustic Style

rustic kitchen trash cans

Welcome to my guide about the best country trash cans for kitchen style with a rustic twist. 

There is no need to have a boring and unattractive trash can in any kitchen.

Discover the wide range of different styles and shapes rustic style trash cans are available in these days.

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Examples of types of trash cans to choose from 

  • enamel
  • galvenized metal fininshes
  • distressed shabby chic finish
  • wooden tilt out
  • metal pedal bin

✅ Tree Stump Rustic Kitchen Bin

Here is an unusual and attractive rustic trash bin that looks like a wooden tree log. Although it appears to be wood, itis made from a mixture of cement resin for durability.

Adding this to your kitchen decor will add an unusual focal point that will be a great talking point with friends and family that come to visit.


Country Corner Vintage Farmhouse Tree Stump Garbage Bin. Unique Rustic Indoor Log Trash Can.

✅ Black Enamel Trash Bucket with Handle

This enamel trash bin is just perfect for the “dry” trash items that every kitchen has.

It comes in black enamel with white lettering saying “trash bucket”.

I love the wooden grip the manufacturers have added to the handle.

Gives an old-fashioned retro look to the bucket.

mDesign Small Round Metal Trash Can Pail, Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Home Offices - Farmhouse Decor - Portable, Wood Grip Handle - Navy Blue/White Lettering  

✅ Galvanized Metal Rooster Garbage Bin with Pedal

This trash can would enhance any rustic style French country kitchen decor theme.

They manufactured it from distressed galvanized metal.

It features a decoration of a cockerel and the French words “Le Coq en Pate” (The Rooster) on the front.


CTW Home Collection Rooster Trash Bin Kitchen Supplies, 11-inch W x 12-inch D x 17.5-inch H, White

✅ Farmers Market Black Metal Pedal Bin

Here is a farmhouse style distressed metal trash bin with a rusty, aged finish.

On the front of the bin are the embossed words “Farmers Market and Fresh & Healthy.”

To open the trash can there is a useful step on pedal mechanism.

I could see this fitting into a small country kitchen, where it would sit neatly in a corner.


Primitive Collections Farmers Market Trash Can with Pedal to Open Lid Measures 11.75" high by 10.5" in Diameter.


✅ Decorative Flower Motif Bin

Here is a pretty kitchen waste bin that features blue dandelions on a light blue background.

Perfect in kitchens that produce paper trash.

For example, if you use the kitchen table as and office or for the kids’ homework.

Haoun PU Leather Wastebasket,2.6 Gallon Retro Decorative Trash Can Waste Paper Basket Kitchen Garbage Can Living Room Waste Container Office Waste Bin Bedroom Recycle Bin (Blue Dandelion)


✅ Distressed Finish Kitchen Trash Can

This painted metal trash can features an embossed, rustic scene of a cow with her calf.

Surrounding the picture is farm or rural related wording like “fresh produce”

The clever paint effects here produce the look of old enamel with rust areas showing through.

Perfect for anyone trying to make their kitchen rustic shabby chic style.


Hearthside Collection, The Southwind Farm Metal Trash Bin

✅ White Distressed Wooden Kitchen Trash Can

Here we have a wooden trash can with handles that comes in a lovely rustic style.

The wood is finished with a lovely grey paint effect.

This bin also comes with a useful set of handles cut into the wooden sides.


BTY Wood Trash Can, Farmhouse Small Square Wastebasket Bin, Rustic Style Wooden Waste Bin with Convenient Handle for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office - Rustic Grey

✅ Dark Wood Distressed Rustic Bin

Rectangular dark wood distressed effect wastebasket that is perfect for a country style kitchen.

They make this bin from wood and it features a beautiful textured finish with an unusual torched wood finish.

Cut into the sides of the bin are two useful round shaped handles.



J JACKCUBE DESIGN Rustic Farmhouse Style Wastebasket Bin with Handle Trash Can Decorative Wood for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, Dorm Room, Laundry - MK575A


✅ Floral Pattern Flip Top Bin


Here is a pretty small flip top bin with metal handles.

Ideal to use as a garbage can in a small home and kitchen.

Or alternately it could help you recycle your trash.

The design features attractive Allium flowers and butterflies on a pale color background.


ZLJ Vintage Decorative Trash Can Floral Pattern Hinged Lid Trash Can Rustic Trash Can for Kitchen Living Room Recycling Bin (Color: isize: 27x27x29cm (11x11x11inch))


✅ Wooden Tilt Out Garbage Can

If you like to hide your garbage, this is the perfect solution for you.

The bottom half of the unit tilts out allowing access to the trash can (not included).

Above this is a practical drawer for extra kitchen storage.




Tilt Out Trash Bin Cabinet Hidden Trash Can Cabinet Wooden Trash Can Holder for Kitchen with Removable Cutting Board Storage Drawer Sturdy Large Indoor Wood Cabinet fits Garbage Can Upto 10 Gallons



As you can see, there are a wide ranges of different country trash cans that will enhance the rustic look of your kitchen.

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