Ways to Introduce Copper Kitchen Decorating Ideas Into Your Home

Copper Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Accessories

Enjoy browsing my guide to copper kitchen decorating ideas I’m sure you will love.

We associate copper kitchen accessories with rustic style farmhouse kitchens, and indeed they work here. Now, however, there are kitchen copper items that sit well in a more contemporary kitchen space.

If the thought of cleaning a polishing copper puts you off, look out for kitchen accessories that have a clear lacquer coating applied to prevent tarnishing.

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Example of Black and Copper Kitchen Decor

This is a beautiful example of a modern-style farmhouse kitchen with black cabinets and copper accessories and accents.

The copper is subtly used by incorporating it in the lighting, drawer handles, stockpot and accessories.

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✅ Pendant Lighting Over a Kitchen Island

Here is an outstanding example of the way copper can be used in a modern kitchen.

This shows us that copper is not just for rustic style kitchens, although it looks good there too.

Westinghouse Lighting LED Indoor Kitchen Mini Pendant, Washed Copper

✅ Hammered Copper Stock Pot

This beautiful stockpot has plenty of practical uses from cooking casseroles to making stock and soup.

This is the type of cookware that is so attractive you can leave it out on display when not in use.

Thick Hammered Copper Soup Pot Stew Pan Casserole, 3.4 Quart

✅ Hammered Metal Copper Kitchen Utensil Holder

This utensil holder has large dimensions, so will give you plenty of space for all your cooking utensils.

I love the small hooks that hang over the edge. These are useful for smaller gadgets that would just get lost inside the crock.

The manufacturers have constructed this from 100% copper, not just plated like so many other accessories you see.

Hammered Copper Kitchen Utensil Holder

✅ Kitchen Drawer Handles

They use copper accents to great effect in this kitchen. Including the door handles and extractor fan hood.

I think adding copper handles to these white kitchen cupboards works really well.

15 Pack Antique Copper Drawer Pulls ,5 inch Hole Centers Long Kitchen Pulls,Rose Gold Cabinet Pulls and Knobs,Vintage Bedroom Pull Handles

✅ Hammered Copper Range Hood Vent

An extractor fan is one of those must-have items in any kitchen, but they can be ugly.

Here is an example of a kitchen hood that will compliment the decor in your kitchen.

Hammered Solid Copper Range Hood with High Airflow Cenrtifugal Blower, Stainless Steal Vent with Liner and Internal Motor, Baffle Filter,Wall Mount

✅ Rose Gold Kitchen Utensil Set with Caddy

Here is an attractive rose gold copper utensil set that contains 17 different types of kitchen tools.

Some utensils have silicone tips to prevent your cookware from becoming scratched or worn.

Copper Kitchen Utensils with Copper Utensil Holder - 17PC Set: Black and Copper Measuring Cups and Spoons Set, Rose Gold Kitchen Utensil Set -Black and Copper Kitchen Accessories

✅ Set of 4 Antique Style Kitchen Canisters

A stunning set of useful storage canisters that will look great on your kitchen countertops.

You don’t need to worry about polishing these canisters as they are coated with a lacquered finish to prevent tarnish.

Set of 4 Old Dutch Canisters in Antique Copper

✅ Modern Wire Mesh Fruit Bowl

I love the modern styling of the fruit bowl here. A different way to display your fruit in the kitchen.

Copper Double Wall Mesh Decorative and Fruit Bowl

✅ Toaster with Copper Finish

Dualit has produced a very stylish toaster here, that is designed to make 2 pieces of toast at a time.

This is one of those appliances you won’t mind leaving out on your countertop as the styling is so attractive.

Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Toaster Copper

✅ Copper Pot and Pan Set

This set of pans has every size of pot you need for everyday cooking.

The outside has a hammered copper look the inside is constructed of durable stainless steel.

Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Hammered Copper Clad Cookware Set, 10 Piece

Pros and Cons of Copper Kitchen Items

If you are after the highest quality cooking pots and pans, then cooper could be perfect for your needs.

  • copper is an excellent conductor of heat, allows food to cook evenly.
  • some cooks prefer the flavor of food cooked in copper pots and pans.
  • quality copper items will last a lifetime if properly looked after.
  • copper pots and pans look great when displayed on open kitchen shelving
  • good quality copper is a very expensive
  • cheap low grade copper items have the look but will not last long or be suitable for cooking with
  • require careful cleaning and maintenance to keep them from tarnishing

Easy Way of Cleaning a Tarnished Pan

Here we see a simple way to bring an old tarnished pan back to its former glory. Look at how clean and shiny it is at the end.

Just uses products you are likely to have in your home. Using a mixture of white wine vinegar and salt.

4 Different Cleaning Methods Explored

The 4 different products used here are tomato ketchup, diatomaceous earth, salt, fresh lemon mixture, and vinegar and salt.

I like the way she has taken a scientific approach here. It is so interesting to see the results.

All 4 methods worked, but the salt and vinegar mixture was fast and very effective.

FAQ About Copper Kitchen Accessories

Where can I buy copper kitchen decor?

Local department stores usually have a kitchen section that might stock a range of copper items. The advantage here is you can inspect the goods for quality before buying.
My favorite online sources include Amazon.com, Williams Sonoma, Wayfair.com.
Online auction sites like eBay are another option, if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for, pop back regularly as thousands of new items are being listed every day. Also, with an eBay account, you can set up a system to notify you when the items you want become listed.
It would be worth visiting antique centers in your area for older copper kitchen items that would be perfect for displaying in your kitchen.
Thrift stores and garage sales may offer copper kitchen accessories, but these will be hit and miss. You could get lucky though!

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