What are the Different Types of Hangers Available

different types of clothes hangers

Clothes hangers are the unsung heroes of every closet. They’re there for us when we need them, but they get little recognition for their hard work. 

We’ve all had a bad experience with a clothes hanger at one point or another. A shirt might have been ruined by a metal hanger or maybe you were left with an uncomfortable crease in your favorite pair of pants after hanging it up incorrectly.

Hangers damaging or ruining garments is a common problem, but these issues are avoided if you know what type of clothes hanger to use! 

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Here’s our guide to the most common types of hangers that will help you choose wisely the next time you hang a garment in your closet.

Hangers are Cheap and Easy to Source

Compared to the cost of your clothes, hangers are inexpensive, meaning it is worth investing in a variety of hangers so all your garments will be hung correctly.

Skirt and Pant Hangers

Best hangers for pants and skirts

Skirt and hangers are generally made of plastic, wood, or metal, and come in different styles.

Each material and style has advantages and drawbacks depending on your needs.

These are not just suitable for pants but jeans as well.

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Open Sided Bar

Space Saving Slim Strong and Durable Anti-Rust Chrome Metal Hangers

This open-sided bar hanger is made from clear stainless steel, and the sides are open for easy access.


  • They can keep your pants well organized without taking up much space.
  • These make great space savers and hold pants well!
  • No fiddly clips to deal with.
  • Easy to use.


  • pants can become creased in a line where it is hung over the bar.

Closed-Sided Non-Slip Pants Hanger

Space Saving Coat Hanger, Upgraded Rubber Stripe Non-Slip Pants Hangers, 360° Swivel Hook Clothes Hangers, 16.5 Inches, Gray

These non-slip pants hangers are great for keeping your pants in good condition.

They feature a strip of rubber that holds your pants securely in place. Preventing bunching and slipping.


  • saves space as the top half could be used to hang a matching shirt and jacket.


  • probably not suitable for long-term storage as you end up with a crease in the middle of the pant leg.

Hanger with Metal Clips

hangers with clips for pants

Closet hangers with clips serve a very important function in your closet.

They allow you to hang skirts, pants, and jeans without creating creases.


  • Practical choice as easy to use look for makes that have non-slip clips.
  • Will not damage your clothes


  • Metal clips can become tangled with other clothes when taking placing clothes in and out of the closet.
  • Takes up space which is an important consideration in a small closet.

Wooden Trouser Clamp Style Clip

skirt Hangers Walnut Trouser Clamp Hanger Solid Wood

This wooden pants and skirt clamp style hanger is a great way to look after and organize your pants and skirts.

Use the clamp mechanism to attach the pants at the waistband level. Inside the 2 wood bars, there’s a non-slip felt liner that can tightly grip your clothing, preventing them from falling or getting creases or scratches.

Hanging pants up this way will prevent creasing and keep any ironed crease in place.

Space Saving Pant Hangers

Pants Hangers ,Kalimdor Space Saving 5 Layers S-Type Stainless Steel Non-Slip Clothes Pants Hangers ,Clothes Closet Storage Organizer for Pants Jeans Trousers Skirts Scarf (White, 2 Pack)

These hangers are specially designed for saving space. It’s the best choice to keep your wardrobe neat and organized.


  • Save at least 80% of the space in your closet!
  • These feature an open-end for easy hanging.
  • Open-ended design helps you to hang and remove pants easily.


  • My increase the chances of creasing during storage

Coat and Suit Hangers

best hangers for suit jackets and coats

When you use the proper sort of hanger, it’s simple to keep your costly suits looking brand new.

A suit hanger is designed to resemble the shape of your upper body. The body of the hanger should mimic your shoulders, which are also slightly rounded forward.

It needs to feature a thick shoulder section that helps to support your jacket’s shoulders.

This all helps your jacket keep its form when you aren’t wearing it.

The important features of a good suit hanger are

  • Sturdy design that will hold your suit in shape.
  • Wood is best but plastic is ok.
  • wide shoulder supports
  • 360-degree swivel on the hanger hook.

Dress Hangers

best hangers for dresses

For lightweight summer dresses, I recommend velvet hangers that will hold the dresses in shape yet prevent slipping and take up little space.

Dresses with thin straps need to be hung on a hanger with notches. I would recommend and velvet hanger here too.

For heavily structured dresses with shoulder pads consider a wide-shouldered hanger that will support the shoulders, preventing the garment from becoming distorted during storage.

Heavily embellished, sequined, or embroidered dresses will become out of shape if left hanging in a closet for too long. In these cases consider folding the garment and storing it in a drawer.

Best Hangers for Shirts

The best hangers for shirts in my opinion are flocked nonslip hangers. If you have a large collection of shirts that are currently on a selection of plastic, wire, or wooden hangers toss them aside and invest in a set of flocked hangers.

You will be amazed at the amount of space this will free up in your closet.

Space Saver Hanger for Shirts

NesTidy Velvet Hangers 60 Pack, 17.5" Non-Slip Felt Hangers with 360 Degree Swivel Hook, Space Saving Clothes Hangers Flocked Hangers for Coats, Sweaters, Jackets, Pants & Dress Clothes(Grey)

If you are tight on space in the closet, these cascading hangers are for you. You can store up to 9 shirts on one single hanger, by hanging them vertically.

Storing them this way ensures your shirts will not get wrinkled or creased due to crushing.

Best Hanger for Tank Tops

Space Saver Durable Tank Top Hanger & Bra Organizer - Folding Metal Hanger, Multi-Use 16-in-1 Space-Saving Cami & Bra Hangers Great for Lingerie, Bathing suits, Strappy Dresses, Accessories, Tie/Belts

Do you have a closet full of tank tops, that you would love to organize?

Consider these clever hangers that hold all the tank tops by their shoulder straps. Such a space-saving design for any closet.

Design features include :

  • Holds up to 8 tank tops without crowding.
  • Rubber-coated hooks protect clothes from damage.
  • Could also be used for bras and lingerie

Best Hangers for Blouses

best hangers for blouses

If you love wearing blouses, but you hate how they get wrinkled when hanging up in the closet, then choosing the right hanger will be important to you.

The best way to keep your blouses looking sharp is by using a hugger hanger. These types of hangers are great on all delicate fabrics like silk as they will not crush or stretch these materials when hung up.

When you move your blouses onto hugger hangers you will notice the extra space gained in your closet. This extra space will prevent creases and wrinkles as you space the blouse out along the closet rail.

Best Hangers for Scarves and Pashminas 

Scarf Hanger ~ Multiple Purpose Holder for Closet ~ Clutter Removing and Space-Saving Hanger for Scarves, Shawl, Belts & Accessories ~ Scarf Hanger 28 Rings (Sky Blue)

If you have a large scarf collection, I’m sure you will want to hang them up neatly in your closet. Ideally, you will want to hang them up so they can be seen individually.

Choosing the right closet organizer for your scarves and pashminas, storing them away is no longer a problem.

Hangers for scarves are available in different materials, sizes, and colors. They are also very useful accessories to prevent your scarves from getting creased or damaged.

Belt Hangers

These are a great choice if you have a lot of belts, but you’re tired of them being all over the place.

The right belt hanger will keep your collection organized and easy to find when you need it.

The best way to store your belts is on a belt hanger. Choose one that suits your needs and organize your belt collection today!

Tie Hangers

Richards Homewares Belt Hanger Rack for Closet Organization and Storage Display Holder with 12 Hooks, Wood and Chrome Accents, Dark Walnut, 75532

Do you have a large collection of ties? But you’re tired of having to untangle them all every time you wear one.

By choosing the right tie hangers, your closet will be organized and easy to navigate. These innovative hangers make organizing your closet simple while ensuring that all your ties stay wrinkle-free and ready for wear at any moment!

Lingerie Hangers

Non-Slip Cascading Hanger -- Curly Hanger for Tank Tops, Lingerie, Swimsuits, Life Jackets and Accessories by Boottique (Set of 5 Chrome)

If have a large collection of pretty lingerie items you will no doubt be keen to find a way of organizing them so they don’t become disorganized.

The big problem with lingerie is the lightweight material is slippery and will often fall off any hangers.

There are ways to fix this

  1. Use these non-slip pink velvet hangers
  2. Use a cascading hanger that allows you to hook the straps over so they simply can’t slip off.
  3. Fold lingerie items and store in a drawer

Lingerie hangers are a great way to keep your delicate undergarments from getting stretched out or damaged by other items in your closet.

Swimsuit Hangers

Wire Body Shape Display Hangers Lingerie Hangers (Chrome Sliver) 10 Pack Metal Bikini Swimsuit Hangers

If you are tired of your swimsuits getting crushed in my closet.

Try this swimsuit hanger, and your swimwear will always be ready for your next beach trip.

Swimsuit hangers are designed in a body shape that will keep the swimsuit in shape.

Bra Hanger

GYRLIE CUP HANGER Bra Organizer, Space Saving, Closet Hangers Holds 25+Bras Easy on Easy Off Belt Scarf Vertical Storage Lingerie Drawer Organizer Anti-Rust Hangers for Bathroom Closet or Laundry Room

With this bra hanger, you’ll be able to easily organize all your bras so they are easy to find in the morning when getting dressed.

Meaning finding the perfect bra to go with your outfit takes just seconds.

These are a great idea if you have a lot of bras yet always struggle to find the right one in my closet.

Shoe Hangers

KIMBORA 8-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer with 8 Side Mesh Pockets Shoe Holder for Closet Hat Rack, Grey

Shoe hangers are a great option for people who have a lot of shoes and do not want to keep them in boxes.

They come in different styles, colors, and sizes to suit anyone’s taste. If you do not have much space for all of your shoes these hangers are perfect.

You will never have to worry about where to put your favorite pair of heels again!

Foldable Travel Hangers

JSF Portable Travel Folding Plastic Clothing ,Hangers for Clothes for Holiday Camping and Home Travel Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Hangers(6 Pcs Colorful Gifts)

If you are a regular traveler and you hate ruining your clothes on the metal hanger provided by hotels.

Foldable travel hangers are the perfect solution for this problem. Unlike traditional other wooden or plastic hangers, these fold up so they can be stored in your luggage or even in your carry-on bag.

Padded Fabric and Satin Hangers

LUXEHOME Satin Padded Hangers for Delicate Wedding Dresses; Silk Hangers with Anti-Rust Heavy Duty Swiveling Chrome Hook for Winter Sweaters, Coats, Suit, Ivory White, Pack of 5

Satin hangers are the perfect way to add some interest and glamor to your closet.

Satin is an attractive material that will look great in any closet! Traditionally they are used to hang your luxury items like silk lingerie and special items like a bridal gown.

They make an ideal luxury gift for brides and mothers to be.

Flocked Non Slip Hangers

Premium Velvet Shirt Hangers (50 Pack) Non Slip Clothes Hangers, Ultra Slim Hangers Gain 50% Closet Space, 360° Swivel Hook, Clothes Hangers for Tops, Dress Shirts, Blouses, Strappy Dresses, Delicates

If you hate the plastic and wire hangers in your closet these are the answer.

They are made from a velvet-like surface that grips your clothes to prevent them from falling on the floor.

They are great for organizing your closet without taking up much space!

I have these and use them on the majority of my clothes if you have never used them they come highly recommended by me.

Children or Nursery Room Hanger

ZOBER Premium Kids Velvet Hangers (14” Inch - 50 Pack) Non-Slip Junior Hangers, Ultra-Slim Space-Saving Childrens Hangers - 360°-Swivel Hook, Strong & Durable Preteen Hangers (Medium)

If you want your child’s clothing to last as long as possible then it is important that you get the right type of clothes hanger for their size!

The best way to keep your children’s clothes looking new is by using a hanger that was designed specifically for their clothing sizes.

Consequently, hangers for a nursery or child’s room are going to be much smaller than ones that are used for an adult.

Features to Consider for Each Type of Hanger

Clothes hangers are a necessary part of any closet, but it can be difficult to find the right one.

There are many different types of clothes hangers available that have various features you might need to consider.

Strap Notches

what are strap notches on hangers used for

We all know it’s a pain to hang clothes on hangers just to see them slide off ending up on the closet floor.

However, with these notches, you can easily slip straps into the notch so everything stays in place.

Swivel Hangers

Swivel hangers feature a hanging hook that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to hang your clothes in any direction.

Swivel hangers, unlike stationary hooks, allow you to turn the hook whichever way you want so that you can easily customize how your closet is organized.

I always recommend buying hangers with swivel hooks they are just much more versatile.


Do you find the clothes in your closet are always slipping off and falling to the floor? This is a huge pain in the neck for anyone trying to keep their clothes in order.

Non-slip hangers are perfect for hanging delicate clothing like dresses or blouses so they don’t fall off when you hang them.

These types of hangers have rubber grips on either side that keep garments securely in place so they can’t slip out onto the closet floor.

Wide Shoulder

JS HANGER Wooden Suit Hangers, 6 Pack Extra-Wide Shoulder wood Coat Hangers with Non Slip Pant Bar, Extra Smooth and Splinter Free Natural Finish

A wide shoulder hanger is perfect for keeping heavy items on the rack such as winter coats, tailored jackets, and dresses.

Or any garment where it is important that the shoulder area does not lose its shape when placed on the rack in the closet. The wide shoulder support on these hangers will keep the shoulders of jackets and coats from losing their shape.

Petite Hangers

These are smaller than average hangers that are designed for women that have petite-sized clothes in their closets.

If you are petite it can be difficult to find a hanger that will keep your clothes looking their best.

These hangers are more narrow and will not put bumps in your clothes in awkward places.

Extra Wide Hangers

Extra Large Hangers Big Clothes Hangers Enlarge Adjustable Shoulder 16.4"-27.2" Drying Hanger 4 Pack Sturdy Hangers for Wide Polos Tops Cardigans Quilt Bath Towel Big and Tall Shirts 4 Colors Hanger

If you are above average in size you might need to look for larger hangers of your clothes.

These hangers stretch out to 27 inches so are perfect if you need to hang up larger clothes.

Wire Hangers

wire hangers have no place in the closet

Wire hangers are frequently used in dry cleaning businesses since they are inexpensive and readily available.

These hangers are commonly given to customers by dry cleaners. They are also often seen in the closets of budget hotels.

They’re really not supposed to be long-term clothes hanging solutions because they distort quickly and bend out of shape.

A wire hanger is a poor choice for clothing storage because:

  • do not provide the correct kind of support your clothes need
  • clothes will fall off them easily
  • they can tangle up easily in the closet.
  • metal wire becomes crushed or misshapen with frequent use.
  • they look awful hanging your closet

Plastic Hangers

are plastic hangers good?

Plastic clothes hangers are a popular choice for people that want an inexpensive and easy-to-find solution.

These plastic versions come in any color imaginable, so you can buy the ones which best match your style or décor!

Although these are inexpensive and easy to find I find clothes slip off them so I would always prefer velvet hangers to plastic ones.

The exception is the suit hangers with wide shoulders that do a great job at keeping a suit jacket in good shape.

Wood Hangers

wooden hangers are long lasting

Wood hangers are beautiful and very durable, but they’re expensive!

However wooden coat hangers are an ideal choice for hanging your clothing in a closet or at home.

Beautiful wood is used to create elegant-looking hangers that look stunning hanging up in your closet.

An added bonus of using wooden hangers is their durability; they’ll last you for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Velvet Hangers

These are my favorite and I use them for most of my day-to-day clothing. They save on space and give a unified look to my closet that I love.

If you’re tired of your clothes falling off the hangers and onto the floor! Velvet hangers are an excellent choice for keeping your well organized.

You don’t want to put wet or damp garments on a velvet hanger since the dye in the velvet finish could seep out leaving a stain!

Bamboo Hangers

Neaties Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Hangers Walnut Finish, 24pk

When buying in new maybe you want an eco-friendly alternative to hangers.

Bamboo Hangers are a stylish, sustainable alternative to plastic and wire hangers.

They last longer than other types of hangers, look great in any closet, and are strong enough to hold even heavy winter coats without breaking! 

Clip Hangers

Clip hangers are used for skirts, pants, and jeans. Where they firmly grab hold of the waistband keeping the garment hanging straight.

The advantages of using clip hangers are that they prevent creasing caused by hanging a garment over a bar. 

FAQ About Clothes Hangers

Are wooden hangers better than plastic?

Without a doubt, compared to plastic, wooden hangers are the winners here as they will last a lifetime if looked after properly. Plastic won’t last as long and will often break if required to carry heavy loads. If you don’t use sturdy hangers, your clothes are likely to stretch and distort more.

Which Type of Clothes Hanger Do do You Need Most?

The most common and need the most are plastic hangers. Plastic hangers are cheap and readily available.
They can be used to hang the types of clothing you use most often like shirts, T-Shirts, and blouses.
A good alternative to plastic is the velvet non-slip kind. If you have pants and skirts to hang up you will need hangers with clips.
Heavy coats and jackets need hangers with a wide shoulder for support.

Common Hanger Types Summary

This article has given you a brief introduction to the various types of clothes hangers available.

It also includes some helpful information about how and when to use each one in your closet space.

Hangers are not only useful for organizing your clothes, but they can also keep your entire closet looking new and wrinkle-free.

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