20 Best Colorful Kitchen Decor Ideas You Will Love

image of a colorful kitchen with bright colored accessories

Please enjoy browsing my selection of bright colorful kitchen decor ideas that will bring fun and color into the dullest kitchen.

Here are some fun, bright-colored kitchen accessories that will bring a pop of color into your kitchen and home.

Ideas for a kitchen makeover on a shoestring that includes funky purple kitchen accessories

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✅ Bright Color Kitchen Accessories

Brighten up your kitchen by choosing accessories in funky designs and colors. To achieve the funky look, choose products with colorful designs with a quirky or whimsical feel to them.

Either aim for products color-blocked with one or more primary colors or look at kitchen accessories with animal prints like zebra stripes.

It is so much fun to own a colorful kitchen gadget to use in your Kitchen. Most kitchen gadgets come in a variety of fun designs, you are guaranteed to find a gadget in a design to suit your quirky taste. 

The pizza wheel and colorful salt and pepper sets are great ideas for those following red kitchen themes.

✅ Orange Toaster

Start your day with this toaster that is ideal for making your toast for breakfast.

This toaster is available in other bright colors like blue, green and pink.

Sencor 2-slot High Lift Toaster with Safe Cool Touch Technology, Medium, Peach Orange

✅ Iridescent Rainbow Stock Pot

This stock glows with all the colors of the rainbow. Don’t put it away in a cupboard instead leave it in view as it will brighten up your kitchen.

Iridescent Rainbow Titanium 8-Quart Stock Pot With Handles

✅ Marble Effect Cutting Board

The swirling blue, red and white marble pattern on this cutting board is bold and striking.

Attractive enough to leave in view on your countertop. This board would look good on a white countertop as the design will show up well.

Glass Cutting Board 16 x 12 inch Set of 1,The Place Mat, Decorative Square Marble Cutting Board for Kitchen with Tempered Glass Navy Blue and Red

✅ Rainbow Flatware Collection

This is a colorful cutlery flatware set for 4. They are made from stainless steel with a covering of titanium that brings in the iridescence effect.

Bring these out for dinner parties and they will be a talking point.

Berglander Flatware Set 20 Piece, Stainless Steel With Titanium Colorful Plated, Multicolor Flatware Set, Silverware, Rainbow Color Cutlery Set Service For 4

✅ Colorful Kitchen Clock

Cheer up your kitchen wall with a funky styled kitchen clock.

This clock has an arrangement of colorful spoons and forks arranged around the clock’s face.

Timelike Kitchen Wall Clock, 3D Removable Modern Creative Cutlery Kitchen Spoon Fork Wall Clock Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Room Home Decoration (Colorful)

Bright Striped Floor Mats

A practical set of Mexican-inspired kitchen mats that will bring color into any dull kitchen.

it is useful that this set comes in two pieces, one to put at the cooking station and the other to act like a doormat. They are designed to be nonslip.

Colorful Mexican Rug Pattern Serape Stripes Detail Background with Colors Washable Non-Slip Kitchen Rug for Kitchen

✅ Purple Kitchen Utensil Sets

If you love the color purple, then these cooking items will look great in your kitchen.

I just love this spatula set that contains everything you will need for cooking meals or baking.

U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set with 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat Resistant (Purple)

✅ Animal House Monkey Peeler

Potato peelers used to be so boring and utilitarian. This design has changed that perception and this features a fun monkey with his arm holding up the cutting blade.

This certainly is a goofy kitchen gadget that would make a great gift for people learning to cook.

Love it!

Boston Warehouse Monkey Vegetable Peeler, Orange

✅ Toucan Can Opener {Novelty Kitchen Gift}

Who would have thought that a boring old can opener could be made fun and quirky?

This gadget would make a fun addition to any kitchen. Also, it would make a great housewarming gift.

Boston Warehouse Toucan Can Opener, Animal House Collection

✅ Funky Pizza Cutter

Here is a fun item that would make a great gift for a pizza lover. The red housing is in the shape of a piranha fish that has its mouth open.

Boston Warehouse Cutter, 8 inches, Piranha Pizza Wheel

✅ Funny Yoga Cat Paper Towel Holder

Great housewarming gift idea for a fun-loving person.

I just love the cat paper towel stand that has a cat doing a downward dog yoga pose.

Yoga Cat Decorative Paper Towel Holder or Toilet Paper Holder by Comfify - Adorable “Downward Dog” Pose Kitty- Cast Iron Paper Towel Stand - Antiqued Cast Iron Storage

✅ Cactus Salt and Pepper Sets

Who said salt and pepper sets need to be dull and boring, there are so many salt and pepper sets with colorful designs your dining table will always be bright and cheerful.

Painted Pair of Cactus Flowers Salt and Pepper Shakers

✅ Bright Kitchen Accessories

All of the accessories are such fun. They are a cheap and cheerful way to color to the kitchen.

The nested mixing bowls and measuring cups are a fabulous choice if you have limited storage space in the kitchen.

✅ Nested Mixing Bowl and Measuring Cup Set

This funky-colored kitchen set nestles down into the smallest of spaces. Ideal for people that live in small apartments.

I love the bright vivid colors.

Bright and colorful 11 Pieces Mixing Bowls Set-Nesting Bowls Including Stackable Measuring Cups Sieve Strainer Colander Whisk

✅ Bright Color Tumbler Set

This set of tumblers is perfect for your next party, they are made from plastic so should survive any accidents.

Set of 4 Colorful Plastic Tumbler Cups

✅ Quirky Home Decor Items: Funky Kitchen Decor for the Wall

One way of making your kitchen more up-to-date and colorful is with modern style wall art.

Colorful Fruit Art Print-- Abstract Orange Pear Lemon Botanical Canvas Wall Art

✅ Fruit Set of 3 Wall Art

It pictures different types of fruits with splashes of water, which create a colorful scene for any modern kitchen.

Colorful Various Fruit with Splash Water Wall Art Painting The Picture Print On Canvas Food Pictures for Home Decor Decoration Gift

✅ Indian Spices Artwork

This artwork shows us just how colorful Indian spices are.

Colorful Indian Spices in Wooden Spoons

✅ Spartan Warrior Kitchen Knife Set and Holder

This knife set is such a brilliant design. A Spartan warrior in a fighting pose just about to fling a spear is holding a shield that the kitchen knives are held in.

The kitchen knife holder is handmade from Walnut and Maple woods. The knife set has handles that are ergonomically designed to ensure you keep a good grip while using the knives.

The 6 piece set consists of an 8″ chefs knife, 7-inch Santoku, 5.5″ utility knife, 3.5-inch paring, 6-inch boning knife, and an 8-inch sharpener. 

Spartan Knife Set - Chef's Edition - 8-piece, Handmade, Heavy Steel Professional Knife Set

✅ Animal Print Design Mug {Funky Kitchen Gifts}

This is a fun item for anyone that wants to bring some animal print into the kitchen.

Insulated Mega Travel Mug with Handle and Lid in Colorful Party Animal Print (Multiple Patterns Available)

Funky Kitchen Design Ideas

Here is a great video that will inspire you to make your next kitchen makeover colorful and quirky.

I love that these different color ideas are generally considered unusual in a kitchen. For example, deep purple or yellow kitchen cabinets.

Features 15 different colorful kitchen design ideas to inspire you.


I hope you could find suitable funky and colorful kitchen accessories that will brighten up your kitchen and home.

There are many examples of lovely contemporary colorful kitchen decor items on the market you will find the perfect colorful pieces for your kitchen.

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