15 Hacks for Maintaining a Clutter-Free Home

Congratulations you’ve done all the hard work and uncluttered the home. Here are my 15 hacks for maintaining a clutter free home to be proud of.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” 

William Morris

It might seem strange to say this but decluttering your home is the easy part of going clutter-free. Maintaining a clutter-free home and life has its own challenges.

if you just sit back and do nothing the chances are the clutter will just start to appear again.

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You need to make a series of small daily tasks that will keep your home clean and organized. These don’t need to hard or time-consuming.

But the important thing is you need to be consistent. Start with building some good habits geared toward staying decluttered.

Here are the hacks and tips to get you started:

Create a Plan to Keep Your Home Tidy and Organized

Start by writing down the series of step you need to do every day that will keep your home neat, tidy and decluttered.

  • deal with post and leaflets every day
  • create a meal plan and shopping list
  • join in discussions on minimalist living forums and website to get planning ideas and inspiration
  • create a method of dealing with finances and work on these daily.

Stop Procrastinating

One great anti-procrastination tip I recently learned from a book I’ve been reading is a weird method of fooling the irrational mind.

Tell yourself for example “I’m not going to dust the living but I will just pick up the duster” next thing you know the job has been done……try it you will be surprised it works!!!

This book is one of the best organization books I ever read {and I’ve read loads!!}. It explains the method above in more detail.

Think Carefully About Your Wants Vs. Your Needs

it is so easy to get confused between wants and needs. For example, if it’s freezing outside then you NEED a proper warm winter coat.

However if you see a lovely fashion coat that won’t keep you warm, then you don’t NEED that however tempting it may be!!

Making Cents of Cents has an interesting article on Wants vs Needs

Make Cleaning, Tidying and Decluttering a Daily Habit

It’s vital that time is set aside to declutter your home every day. So that it makes it part of your daily routines.

Otherwise, I’m afraid the clutter will just magically appear again.

Yo make sure the task is not overwhelming just set a timer and finish when the timer goes off. The amount of time should be short and 10 – 15 minutes is probably a good amount of time.

You will be surprised that even as little as 15 minutes a day will help keep your clutter under control.

Set Strict Limits on What is Allowed in the House

This is a tough one not only for you but also for everyone else in the home, particularly for children and possibly partners, wives or husbands.

However if too much stuff comes into the home it will end up becoming cluttered again, I’m sure you don’t want that to happen agian.

The best policy is to sit down and discuss this with everyone in the household to make sure they are on board.

Sell All Your Stuff has a set of secret rules for minimalist living you might find interesting.

Make Rules Regarding New Purchases

There are a number of ways to thinks about new purchases.

  1. ask yourself do I genuinely need it?
  2. where are these items going to be stored or kept?
  3. can an old item be discarded once the new one comes into the home?
  4. is it going to enhance my life?

You just bought a new pair of shoes? Great! Now it’s time to get rid of an old pair.

Making rules about removing an item from the house when you buy an item keeps things from building up all over again.

Generally, it’s pretty easy to find a possession to remove, as often buying something new indicates certain displeasure over something you already own.

If the thought of getting rid of something makes you cringe, maybe you don’t want that new pair of shoes after all.

Make Space has some great tips on preventing buying too much stuff.

Don’t Keep the Donation Item

It is a good idea to keep a donation box out at all times so that you and your family can toss in unwanted items consistently.

But you need to make sure it is emptied frequently. Once that box is full, it needs to go straight to the donation center.

The longer you stuff around, in the home, the more likely you are to create excuses as to why you still need the items you put in there.

If you can’t get there immediately, at least put it in your car trunk, so it’s out of sight.

Becoming Minimalist has some donation box tips.

Take Pictures of Your Progress

One of my great regrets is not taking before and after photographs of my home as I decluttered.

Nothing is more heartening than a before and after shot of an overly cluttered and messy room that you’ve tidied.

Use those pictures for inspiration when you’re feeling overwhelmed by this decluttering process.

Remind yourself how good it felt when you finished decluttering another room.

Kosher on a Budget has a round-up of 10 inspirational decluttering before and after photos.

Say Maybe

This tip could end in tears if you are not resolved to get rid of as much clutter as possible.

If you’re not sure about whether you should get rid of an item or not, put it in a “Maybe” box somewhere out of sight.

If it turns out you don’t even miss the item after a couple of weeks or longer, it’s probably time to let it go altogether.

If you find yourself looking for the thing, put it back. This is OK just so long as you don’t put too much back.

Simple Lion Heart Life recommends a “may be” box in her decluttering tips.

Create A System for Your Kids Toys

My sister has 3 children, all grown up now, that used to receive mountains of presents at Christmas time. This was when they were little toddlers she had 3 in 3 years twins and a single.

There was so much stuff that it was overwhelming for the children. So she used to take away half of the toys (it’s OK they didn’t notice).

These were stored in the attic and then brought out gradually throughout the year.

Becoming Minimalist has a guide to help you with decluttering toys.

Keep on Decluttering and Minimizing

You are never really finished, just keep looking at your home and asking yourself if it contains only things you love.

It is just so easy for clutter to come back into your life so you need to be vigilant. Clutter has a way of creeping back in when your back is turned.

Fast Company tells us why clutter is so bad for us.

Make the Most of the Free Time

Now your home and life have been put into order it’s time to use all the free time you now have into something creative and worthwhile.

It may be taking up art, crafting or learning a foreign language or musical instrument. Perhaps its something you have wanted to try all your life like writing a book.

You could consider working for a local charilty or try getting involved in local politics, the ideas are endess.

Just make sure you don’t over stretch yourself, make sure you have plenty of time to breath and relax.

Concentrate on the Benefits of a Minimalist Life

When you are working hard on maintaining your decluttered life and home, and it all seems too much just concentrate on the benefits of a clutter-free life.

From being wealthier to having more time for family and friends, it pays off in the end.

How to Get the Family on Board

Keep up the decluttering and your family will eventually be on your side. Lead them gently to the path of decluttering and organizing.

You can’t force minimalism onto people but if you keep maintaining clutter-free areas of your life and home that you can control. Others in the home with you will hopefully come around.

What to do if you are the only minimalist in the house!

Be Encouraging to Children

It can be very difficult to get children onboard with decluttering, cleaning and organizing.

Some tips include creating a simple weekly list, with the tasks each child should tackle.

Make sure they understand what it actually means to “tidy thier room” have you shown them?

For example, I left home with generally no idea of how to keep a home clean and uncluttered it took me years to learn.

How to Encourage Kids to Clean and Declutter their Spaces

and Finally

Hopefully, these tips and hacks will help you stay decluttered for good.

If you keep them up, after a while, the habits will become automatic.

Imagine the difference it will make when you’re free of all those things that have been holding you back!