Chili Pepper Themed Kitchen Ideas that add Spice and Color

red chili pepper kitchen decor ideas

If you are looking great red accent pieces for your home and kitchen, then consider a chili pepper themed kitchen.

Also connected are Mexican style kitchen accessories that include great ideas for beautiful stylish kitchens. For example, beautiful Mexican ristras.

This kitchen decor guide will show decorating pieces that will add color and spice up your kitchen decor.

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Different chili accessory ideas include :

Red Chili Pepper Kitchen Accessories

I love to see chili pepper kitchen items. It just says “kitchen” to me.

For example, curtains with a chili design will brighten up any kitchen.

You can also add other red accessories or even more chili-themed items for example spoon rests, mats and cookie jars.

✅Red Ceramic Salsa Dish

Here is a lovely dish to serve your salsa in. It will go down well at any party.

Made from ceramic and hand painted in bright red and green.

It is cute that the spoon makes the stalk of the chili pepper when the lid is on top.

Red Chili Shaped Salsa Bowl with Spoon and Lid Great for Homemade Salsa and Pico De Gallo, Dips, Party foods, Condiments, Sauces and Toppings

✅Chili Pepper Cutting Board

This cutting board will look good in most kitchens and will protect your countertop from burn marks or knife marks.

Could also be used as a serving dish.

Red Chili Chopping Serving Board, Red Chili Shape

✅String of Chili Pepper Lights

With this string of lights, you certainly get a bright display. There are 35 lights on a 13-foot long string.

Ideal for around windows and kitchen cabinets where it will look so pretty after dark.

Chili Pepper String Lights Multi Colors Ideal for Kitchen Decoration

✅Red Chili Pepper Kitchen Rugs for your Kitchen Floor

These are two lovely examples of red chili pepper kitchen rugs that will look great on your kitchen floor.

If you are a collector of red chili items for your kitchen or you just want to add to your red chili kitchen accessory collection. Then one of these bright and cheerful rugs will be ideal.

I like to have a couple of rugs in my kitchen. The first to stand on while I prepare meals and follow baking recipes. The second to go under the front of my fridge, just to collect debris that seems to fall from the fridge shelves.

When I’m looking for the perfect kitchen rug, I look for rugs that have these qualities. The rugs featured in the pictures below fulfill these criteria.

  • is the rug machine washable, essential with the mess I make in the kitchen!
  • is the rug non-slip, rugs that slip can be very dangerous.
  • a rug that has lovely colorful artwork that fits in with my kitchen decor.
  • a reasonable price as they wear out quickly in my kitchen.

✅Yellow and Red Chili Peppers Kitchen Runner

If you have a narrow kitchen, a long runner like this is a great option to protect the floor and bring color to the room.

kitchen runner with a balck background and chili peppers

✅Red and White Kitchen Rug

This is a nice practical size to place under the area in your kitchen where you do the most cooking.

Abstract red hot Chili Peppers in White Background

✅Hot Salsa Kitchen Mat

You could use this as a kitchen mat or a doormat. Either way, it will bring color into your kitchen.

Chili Prints Kitchen Rug or Nonskid Door Mat

✅Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

These are adorable hand-painted chili pepper salt and pepper shakers that are going to be great on any dining table!

Pacific Giftware 1 X Hot Chili Peppers Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers

✅Red Chili Pepper Kitchen Clocks

Here is a large kitchen clock with a red chili decoration that has smoke drifting off it.

Hot Chili Pepper in Smoke Modern Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking Quartz Frame Large Number Wall Clock Decorative Indoor/Kitchen, Black

✅Red Chili Pepper Kitchen Wall Art

I’ve picked out some stunning chili-themed wall art. There are plenty of different types of chili artwork, from ceramic tiles designed to become a wall hanging, to photographic prints.

I really love the metal chili artwork presented below these would look great in any kitchen.

✅Retro Style Tin Chile Pepper Art

Here is a piece of wall art featuring 3 different types of chilies using retro-style artwork.

Chili Peppers Tin Signs, Metal Wall Signs Perfect for Kitchen Decor

✅Set of 3 Chili Prints

This set of 3 large and bold prints is sure to make a statement in any modern kitchen.

3 Panel Kitchen Art Wall Decor Fresh Red Chili Pepper Pictures Canvas Print Food Wall Art Painting for Kitchen Walls

✅Red Chili Pepper Kitchen Curtains

Here is a lovely idea for chili pepper kitchen curtains and drapes you can buy to dress your kitchen windows.

What attracts me to these curtains is the way the pattern has a white background and red spots that complement the chili artwork.

Amazon has an extensive selection of chili pepper curtains.

Hot Chili Peppers Pattern Curtains on Colorful Dotted Background, Window Treatments 2 Panel Set

✅Chili Pepper Cookie Jar to Jazz Up Your Countertop

Here is a great idea to spice up the decor in your kitchen with this red chili pepper cookie jar.

It is sure to draw complimentary comments when displayed on your kitchen countertop.

Great gift idea for chili-loving people. I could imagine giving one of these sets as a housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gift.

Also, a good starting point for anyone who loves the look of red chilies and would like to start a collection of accessories for a chili pepper-themed kitchen.

Large Red Chili Pepper Cookie Jar

How to Incorporate a Chili Design into your Kitchen Decor

I have a friend who loves eating hot spicy foods with plenty of chilies in them. She is such a fan of the fiery fruits that she actually has curtains with a chili pepper print on them hanging up in her kitchen.

The rest of the kitchen is very minimalist and predominantly white. There are a few red accent colors, found in appliances like an electric kettle and toaster.

With the colorful red chili-designed curtains, the entire kitchen just looks great. I think it is because they did not overdo the chili design.

As I’m sure you have heard, less is more.


As you can see, achieving a Chili Pepper Themed Kitchen into your decor is easy.

Just pick one or two quality items like a pair of curtains and a wall clock to bring hints of chili without overdoing it.

Whether you have a chili pepper-themed kitchen or just want to add one or two pieces of chili decor, this guide is for you.

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