Ceiling Fans with Stained Glass Lights

Ceiling Fans with Tiffany Glass Lights

Welcome to my guide on the best ceiling fans with stained glass lights that are sure to brighten up any room.

Also featured are Tiffany style glass ceiling fans and fanlight ideas for period Art Nouveau homes, or homes that are following the Aesthetic Movement Style in their home decor.

Tiffany ceiling fans with lights feature wonderful different colored glasses that usually have a theme from nature like flowers, birds, peacocks and dragonflies.

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✅ Ceiling Fans with Tiffany Glass Shades

Tiffany fan light ideas that are perfect for brightening up your home decor.

It is possible to buy individual tiffany lamp shades for ceiling fans, but I would recommend buying the whole fan kit together with the fan motor mechanism and blades.

This will probably work out cheaper, and the fan will have an overall better appearance.

However, the Meyda Tiffany ceiling fan light kit featured is one example of a beautiful Tiffany fan glass light cover that you can buy individually.

Decorative Ceiling Lighting Tiffany Style Iris Fan Light Shade

✅ Light Shade with Pink and Blue Rose Design

The stained glass design here is just so pretty, it features rose and leaf design in pink, blue and green.

Perfect in a living room.

Meyda Tiffany 27448 Rosebush Ceiling Fan Light Fixture, 12" Width

✅ Traditional Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

I love the orange and green color scheme here. You get plenty for your money here as the stained glass design in featured both above and below the ceiling fan blades.

River of Goods Tiffany Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass Halston LED Ceiling Fan, Spice

✅ Rose Design Stained Glass Fan Light Fixture

With these stained glass ceiling fan light kit and fixtures, you can add style and interest to your living rooms or bedrooms.

The wonderful thing about Tiffany ceiling fan light fixtures is they are timeless in their appearance. Different home decor styles and fashions come and go, but these lighting and fan fixtures remain a great favorite.

Meyda Tiffany Style Light Shade for a Ceiling Fan foral rose pattern

✅ Tiffany Style Dragonfly Ceiling Fan

During the Art Nouveau period, one of the key design features were patterns that came from nature. So you will find glass objects from that time that have flowers, leaves, birds and dragonfly patterns.

These dragonfly design glass ceiling fan really sums up the era, as they are both colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

6-Light Dragonfly Design Tiffany Glass

✅ Stained Glass Ceiling Fans

Here are some inspirational ideas for ceiling fans and fanlight kits that feature stained glass decorative light shades. When you install one of these ceiling fans, you instantly add an interesting feature to your ceiling.

Add in other Art Nouveau pieces, like Tiffany glass lampshades, to your room and you can have a put together look that will be warm and comfortable.

Tiffany Galss Design Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass Halston LED Ceiling Fan, Blue

✅ Fandelier Ceiling Fan Retractable Invisible Blades

When the fan is not in use, the blades retract so you end up with just the light fitting showing.

Tiffany Ceiling Fan with Retractable Invisible Blades

✅ Geometric Design Glass Ceiling Fan

A stylish angular design that reminds us of the past. Updated with a smart steel motor housing.

Tiffany Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass wiht Geometric Design  Ceiling Fan

✅ Art Deco Style Design Ceiling Fan

Here the design of the stained glass brings in a selection of attractive colors.

Suitable for a living room or stylish bedroom.

River of Goods 52 Inch Craftsman Stained Glass LED Ceiling Fan, Multicolor

✅ Ceiling Fan with Wooden Blades

This product combines good looks with a practical design.

RainierLight Modern Ceiling Fans Led Light with 5 Wood Reversible Blades for Living Room/Bedroom/Dinning Room Remote Control 3 Speed Quiet Fan/Home Decoration

How to Make a Stained Glass Lamp Shade

Here is an amazing demonstration of the time-consuming method of creating a Tiffany-style leaded glass lampshade.

It is certainly amazing to watch such a clever craftswoman, the way all the pieces of glass were cut and arranged is amazing.

Can you install a ceiling fan where a light fixture was?

In this video, it walks you through the safe method you need to follow when installing a ceiling fan in a light fixture.

One of the most important things to realize is that a Tiffany light ceiling fan is considerably heavier than an ordinary domestic light fitting.

So it is very important that you securely attach the weight-bearing brackets. For example, by being screwed securely into a wooden ceiling beam.


I hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect stained glass ceiling fan for your home.

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