10 Best Wool Blankets for Warmth in the Home

what is the best wool blanket to buy

Waking up in the morning is hard. Especially on cold winter days.

The solution to this problem is simple – get a wool blanket! Here is a selection of my top 10 picks of the best wool blankets for your home.

Wool blankets are soft and comfortable, yet are good at keeping you nice and cozy while they sleep.

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They can be expensive though, which makes them a luxury item instead of an everyday necessity, like regular synthetic blankets usually are.

I believe they are a price worth paying. A good quality woolen blanket, if well looked after, will last a lifetime.

Different Types of Blankets

  • 100% wool from a selection of different animal species, including sheep, alpacas, yak and goats.
  • Woolen blends, for example, a mixture of alpacas and sheep’s wool.
  • Different types of weaves.
  • Heavyweight blankets for beds.
  • Lightweight woolen throw blankets available in both a weave or knitted.
  • Baby blankets.
  • Wool and synthetic fiber blends
  • Distinct patterns and colors, like tartan, stripes and tweed.
  • Knitted blankets that are especially popular for baby blankets.
  • Picnic blankets that come with a waterproof liner

Wool Blankets with Satin Trim

This is a premium wool blanket that comes in a wide range of pretty colors, from pale gray to dark blue.

This blanket is made from 100% virgin wool and constructed in a way that produces a lightweight yet pliable blanket. That ensures it will keep you warm and snug for many years.

I like the attention to detail with the lovely satin finish hem finish. It reminds me of the blankets my Grandma had on her beds.

Quality Heavyweight 100-Percent Wool Blanket with satin binding

Traditional Wool Blankets with Stripes

This product has a lovely striped design that harks back to olden times. Think of cowboys sleeping under the stars or the type of blanket your Grandparents had.

I love the colors they have used to make the stripes; they are very natural looking in muted shades of greens, reds and blues.

Thick Warm Wool Indoor Outdoor Striped Throw Blanket

Tartan Throw Blanket

The perfect throw blanket to have in your living room to put over your knees when the evenings become cooler.

This is attractive enough to leave on display draped over a couch or cozy chair.

Irish Lambs Wool Tartan Plaid

Organic Wool Blanket for Baby

This is the ideal product to use as a swaddling or crib blanket. It is soft, lightweight and made from 100% organic sheep’s wool.

This product is the natural color of the sheep’s wool, as they used no dyes or bleach during manufacture.

Perfect for babies as they used no nasty chemicals, and is certified organic.

Baby Blanket Made From Organic Fine Merino New Wool

Wool Blankets King Size

The blanket featured here is beige, but this product is available in other colors of blue, brown and gray.

I like the satin bindings around the edge of this blanket, a sign of quality.

A nice generous size to fit any king sized bed.

King Sixe Wool Blanket Beige Herringbone Blanket Large Wool Blankets for Bed

Best Military Style Wool Blankets for Camping and Outdoors

A blanket like this is very versatile. Take it away with you into the woods for camping trips and it will keep you nice and warm.

You can use it in the home either on beds or as a throw blanket. Either way, it will keep you snug and warm.

They make the blanket from 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers so you can wash it in cold water in your machine.

I like the enormous size of this product 64 inches x 88 inches great for family picnics.

Military Wool Blanket Great for Camping, Outdoors, Survival and Emergency Kits (Olive Green)

Best Wool Blankets Made in USA

Warm and cozy blanket that is perfect for winter bedding or to use as a throw.

Manufactured from 100% wool that can be machine washed on a cold wash.

Made in America Easy Care 100% Wool Blanket, Grey Tartan Design

Knitted Merino Wool Blanket Throw

This warm, soft and cozy white 100% merino wool throw blanket is going to be used repeatedly during the cool winter months.

I love the heart-shaped pattern of the cable knit; it adds interest and texture to your home furnishings.

For bedrooms and the living rooms, to add both style and comfort.

Irish Aran Throw Blanket with Knitted Cable Heart Pattern 100% Super Soft Merino Wool

Alpaca Wool Blanket

This is a luxury product made from 50% alpaca wool and 50% merino sheep wool. They raise both animals in Peru up in the Andes mountains.

To make the blankets, the wool fiber is tightly woven and brushed to give a soft luxurious finish.

The earthen tone colored stripes are well chosen here. I like the way they beautifully finished the edges of the blanket using a coordinating colored binding.

Truly an heirloom-quality blanket that could down through the generations

Earth Tones with Tan Stripes Alpaca and Sheep Wool mix Blanket

Best Knitted Blanket for Bedrooms and The Living Room

This blanket is handmade from a soft wool mix. It is warm and gentle to the touch, so is perfect for all parts of the home where a blanket is needed.

The large chunky knitting is a real design element that will add texture and interest to your home decor.

In the living room, you can just use this to fling over your knees when the weather gets cold.

I see this making a great house warming, birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift.

Or you could, of course, just treat yourself!

Chunky Knit Blanket Bulky for Sofa or Bed Throw Hand-Made Navy

Frequently Asked Question About Wool Blankets

Are wool blankets worth it?

Looked after well, excellent quality wool blankets can last a lifetime and are then often passed on to younger generations. So you will get a great deal of use for your outlay.

What is the best blanket for winter?

Try to find woolen blankets that are lightweight yet thick with a fluffy feel to them. The reason you need a lightweight blanket is it is likely you will need more than one blanket in freezing weather and you don’t want your bedding to become too heavy.

Which type of blanket is warmest?

I consider thick woolen and cotton blankets and to be the warmest as the natural fibers they are manufactured from create plenty of air pockets that trap air.
It is this that makes them a such good insulators that keeps you lovely and warm.
For best results, you need to look for products that have a fluffy feel to them.

Can wool blankets be machine washed?

Only attempt to machine wash a woolen blanket if the manufacturers’ washing advice label recommends this.
It is easy to ruin or shrink a wool blanket by washing in even warm water.
If in doubt, it might be better to send the blanket out to the dry cleaners.
If you go ahead with machine washing, note that woolen blankets will shrink at high temperatures. So always use a cold wash.

Can wool blankets go in the dryer?

No, pure wool blankets need to be air dried away from direct sun after cleaning.
The heat of a tumble drier will cause shrinking an irreparable harm to the woolen fiber of the blanket.
For blankets made from wool mixtures, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to protect wool blankets from moths?

There are several ways to protect your woolen blankets during storage.
1. When storing for a long time, store clean blankets in airy shelves that don’t have places that moths can thrive in. They just love to get into dark, damp, airless corners.
Take the blankets out regularly to air them, giving them a good shake and perhaps air them in a warm garden for a couple of hours. Moth and moth larvae really hate to be disturbed.
2. Pack clean dry blankets in vacuum storage packs. These will keep your blankets safe from moths for many months. A brilliant solution for packing large blankets away for the summer.
3. Use red cedar wood placed in between the layers of your folded blankets. They have a lovely smell and the oils in the wood are said to kill the moth larvae.
Again, it is wise to check blankets every few months as these are not always 100% effective.
You can buy cedar chest to store all your bedding in.
4. Mothballs or moth crystals can be placed near your blankets. These contain some nasty chemicals and insecticides, so only use these as a last resort. This is an excellent solution to consider if you have a bad infestation.

Why are wool blankets so expensive?

There are examples of cheaper woolen blankets on the market, but these are often lightweight or contain other fibers.
Wool is a natural material usually got from sheep. This requires a great deal of work from the farm to the factory. Therefore, producing a good quality product that will keep you warm and feel wonderful to the touch is expensive.
Wool blankets are often finished well with satin trims, fringes or blanket stitch hems.
Wool blankets from rarer animal species like alpacas will be expensive as raising the animals for fiber is not a huge business.

Will my wool blanket stop shedding?

All wool blankets will shed a small amount.
When buying, look out for products that promise to be shed free.
To reduce shedding to acceptable amounts, you need to gently wash the blankets. Over time, the shedding should reduce to an acceptable amount.
Another tip is to try running a sticky lint remover roller that will pick up loose fibers.
In extreme cases, try an electric sweater shaver that should remove the top layer of shedding hairs.

Are Woolen Blankets Itchy?
Thick heavy woolen blankets made from coarse wool twine are, of course, very itchy. A bit like the blankets that used to be issued to soldiers.
However, most blankets you can buy these days are beautiful and soft. They have a luxurious feel that can’t be beaten.

Before buying, feel the blanket to make sure you like the softness and texture of the material.
For online buying, look for words like “brushed” and “extra soft”.

How Do I know If I am Allergic to Wool?
If you have an allergy to wool, you are likely to get a skin rash or itchiness, streaming or red eyes, a runny nose or even a cough. Allergies can range from very mild sensitivities to serious symptoms that in extreme case are life threatening.

If you have any concerns, please contact your family doctor for advice and treatment.

Further Reading About Wool Blankets

Consider Wool When You Next Buy Winter Blankets

Wool is an eco-friendly fabric that performs better than synthetic fibers in freezing weather. It’s warmer than polyester or cotton and does not absorb moisture like other fabrics.

A summary of the benefits of wool.

• It’s resistant to static

• Performs better than synthetic fibers in really cold weather

• It’s warmer than polyester or cotton

• Does not absorb moisture like other fabrics

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