10 Best Wedge Pillows for a Great Nights Sleep

best wedge pillows for snorers

Here is my guide to the best wedge pillows for support when in bed.

These pillows have many uses from helping you to find a comfortable position in bed while watching tv or reading to helping you alleviate medical conditions like sleep apnea or troublesome snoring when recommended by a health professional.

They are also useful for elevating the legs for comfort or to anyone following medical advice to elevate their legs.

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There are many different options for wedge pillows. Below I have selected some of the best below.

✅ Best Pillow for Snorers and Mild Sleep Apnea

This is the type of pillow to try if you are a snorer suffer from sleep apnea or have acid reflux.

Looking through feedback from people who have bought this product they report a reduction in snoring, nasal drip, and acid reflux.

Generally, customers reported that the pillow was soft and comfortable, although one person commented that the pillow was a bit hard. Another customer stopped using the pillow as it hurt their back.

Things I like about this product are

  • a cool bamboo material cover that can be easily removed for washing
  • pillowcases are available separately
  • it comes in a variety of different sizes and heights
  • the pillow is constructed from a firm foam covered in a 1 1/2 inch layer of memory foam for comfort.
best wedge pillow for reading in bed

✅ Whole Body Support System Pillow Set

This useful set of 4 pillows provides plenty of support for you when in bed.

Maybe you have been told to elevate your body while sleeping due to snoring or sleep apnea or you need to elevate your legs. Either way, this is the set for you.

With these 4 pillows, you will find many different ways to arrange them so they are perfect for your individual needs.

The pillows are made from a comfortable high-density foam core with a layer of memory foam on the top. This provides plenty of support from your body while feeling very comfortable.

All of the pillows have an easy-to-remove cover that is washable.

It comes in three different sizes to match your body height.

best wedge pillow to elevate legs

✅ Wedge Pillow with Neck Support

This is the perfect pillow for people that love a wedge pillow but feel like they need more support for their neck and head.

Things I like about this product include

  • a comfortable 2-inch layer of memory foam
  • cool bamboo cover that can be taken off and washed.
  • cotton pillow covers that fit are available separately
  • perfect for sleeping on your back, watching TV, or reading in bed.
wedge pillows with neck support included

✅ Inflatable Wedge Pillow for Travel

If you have noticed benefits to your health and comfort when using a wedge pillow you might want to carry on using one when traveling.

It’s difficult to carry around a large wedge pillow, particularly if you are traveling by plane! This is a great solution a blow-up pillow that only weighs 17 ounces and folds down into a small size.

This I like about this product

  • light and portable for business trips and vacations
  • can be used to support the upper body or to alleviate legs
  • can be used as a support for your laptop or tablet
best inflatable wedge pillow for travelers
inflating wedge pillow to take on vacation

✅ Mattress Elevator Wedge Pillow Alternative

Although this is strictly not a pillow it is a product that achieves the same effect as a wedge pillow, but it has the advantage of allowing you to sleep comfortably using your own mattress.

This clever product is placed underneath your mattress and will lift up the mattress. This is possibly a cheaper alternative to an adjustable bed.

For light elevation of 2 1/2 inches just use one of the wedges to elevate to 5 inches use two wedges together.

I could see this product being useful to people that find a normal memory foam wedge pillow a bit too big and steep.

wedges that will elevatate the mattress
under the mattress elevator wedges

✅ Mattress Wedge Gap Filler

This handy wedge pillow is primarily used for filling in the gap between your headboard or wall and the mattress.

You have no doubt experienced how annoying it can be for a pillow to slip down behind the mattress during the night, this product puts an end to that.

One customer put this pillow to a different use. They placed it at the foot’s end of the bed so that it lifted up heavy bedding leaving the ankles and feet from being deformed by a heavy comforter. It also kept their dogs from falling off the bed.

It is made from high-density foam and has a cotton cover that unzips for washing. Having a small pocket attached to the ends of the pillow is very useful for holding spectacles or the TV remote controller.

gap filling bed wedge

✅ Knee Wedge Pillow for Side Sleepers

This pillow is designed to sit between your knees whenever you are sleeping on your side.

Not only is this comfortable but it helps to give good hip alignment so it is good for your back and hips.

When I sleep on my side I hate that feeling of my bony knees touching, I usually tuck the bed cover between my knees this product would be a much better alternative.

You might have been recommended a pillow like this from an orthopedic doctor to help you with a bad back.

Either way, you will find that you get comfortable quickly ensuring a good night’s sleep.

This product is made from a firm but yielding memory foam.

comfortable memory foam knee pillow for side sleepers

✅ Wedge Pillow Set for Legs and Upper Body

With this set, you get two wedge-shaped pillows that can be used in numerous different configurations, to either elevate your legs or upper body. Alternatively, you could do both at the same time.

This has many uses from propping you up for comfort while watching TV or reading bed. Elevating your legs or upper body if you have been advised to do this by a health professional.

Or just generally helping you to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The pillows are made from foam and are covered in a plush material that is very comfortable. The covers can be removed easily for washing.

One great feature is the concealed zippers that make these comfortable to use.

leg and body wedge pillow set

✅ Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow Set

This is an amazing 4 piece wedge pillow set that can be used in many different configurations. There are velcro fixings to keep the pillows from sliding around.

This is perfect for people with health conditions that require either their upper body and or legs to be elevated. For example, people who snore or suffer from GERD.

This also provides support for watching TV reading or using a laptop in bed.

It is made from memory foam to provide firm yet comfortable support. The cover is made from cool and comfortable organic bamboo washable cover.

A bonus in this set are two vacuum storage bags, so you can reduce the size of the pillows considerably for easy storage.

4 piece wedge pillow set for legs and upper body

✅ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

If you are a hot sleeper this could be the product for you.

It is constructed from cooling gel memory foam which together with a soft cover provides comfort and support.

The manufacturer suggests that this pillow is useful for people that are suffering from acid reflux. Also elevating the legs using this pillow may improve circulation.

cooling gel wedge pillow for hot sleepers
wedge pillow for people that get hot in bed

Wedge Pillow vs Adjustable Bed?

When deciding that you might need an adjustable bed it may be worth considering wedge pillows.

  • First of all, they are a great deal cheaper than paying out a considerable for an adjustable bed
  • a wedge pillow is the option to choose if the reason for the pillow is temporary, for example, to elevate a leg while a bone heals.
  • an adjustable bed might not be the best choice for your sleeping partner

I would consider an adjustable bed for the following circumstances

  • you are likely to need alleviation for a chronic medical reason. Either for a long time or for the rest of your life.
  • you are happy to pay the extra money
  • your partner would also benefit from sleeping in an adjustable bed

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedge Pillows

What are wedge pillows?

These are triangular-shaped pillows that are used to elevate either your upper body or to lift and support your legs.
Generally, they are made of a firm material like stiff foam. This is then covered in a layer of memory foam for comfort.

What are the different types of wedge pillows?

I have found many different styles and designs. They come in a wide variety of different heights and lengths.
Also, they are available with different fillings. The most popular being a mix of both memory foam high-density foam.
The most popular are wedge-shaped pillows made from memory foam that either come singly or in sets of 2 to 5.
Whole-body wedge pillows. These are wedge pillows that are connected so your whole body is supported and your legs and upper body are elevated at the same time.
Wedge pillows are available to support your knees when side sleeping.
Travel wedge pillows that inflate, are great to take on vacation.

How do you sleep comfortably on a wedge pillow?

These pillows are the most comfortable for people that sleep on their backs. It is quite difficult to use a wedge pillow if you are a side sleeper.

Can a wedge pillow help with snoring?

Yes, it is generally thought raising the whole of your upper body up will help to keep the airways open. This can work for people that dislike sleeping on their sides.
You can find out more information on snoring and wedge pillows HERE

Can you use a regular pillow with a wedge pillow?

Yes, you can add a regular pillow if this is comfortable for you. I would try to avoid a regular pillow if you end up with your neck being in a crooked position. As this is bad for your neck.

Are wedge pillows good for side sleepers?

If you are a side sleeper then these pillows are probably not a good match for you.

Medical Disclamer

The medical conditions mentioned in this post should always be looked at by a medical professional. Preferably your family doctor. Follow their advice.

These pillows are primarily there to make you comfortable and are not an alternative to good medical advice.


As you can see there are many different types of wedge pillows. Different designs and sizes depending on your individual needs.

I hope you have been able to find the perfect wedge pillow for your own personal circumstances.

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