Best Ways to Store Clothes in Attic: Tips and Tricks

best ways to store your clothes in an attic

If you are like most people, you have a lot of clothes. Yet you don’t have enough space in your closets to store them all. This can be a huge problem, especially if you don’t have a basement or extra bedroom to use.

Maybe you live in an area that has cold winters and you like to store all your winter clothes during the summer months. Or you have some sentimental clothing items like a wedding dress but you are struggling to find space for it.

One solution is to store your clothes in the attic. But how do you do it effectively? In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks for storing clothes in the attic.

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Declutter Your Clothes First

You don’t want your attic to become a dumping ground for all the excess clothes you and your family have. The attic space can become cluttered very quickly with unwanted items. Make a decision about whether an item of clothing is worth storing before you start.

So before you start to buy expensive storage containers, look through your clothes and ask yourself if you are ever likely to wear the item again. Sell or give unwanted clothes away, donate to goodwill, or if of no value discard. I have a post about being ruthless when decluttering clothes that may interest you.

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Plastic Storage Containers

white plastic stackable plasitc boxes

If you have a lot of clothes to store, invest in large stackable plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • fold clean freshly laundered and dry clothes neatly into the boxes
  • add a silica gel pack to absorb any excess moisture
  • add a sachet of lavender to keep clothes smelling sweet.

Label Everything

Make sure to label each container or box with the contents, including the season of clothing it contains. This will make it much easier to find what you are looking for when you need it.

You might think you will remember what is in the container but over time you will forget.

Hanging Rails and Garment Bags

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If you have a lot of clothes to store, consider investing in some hanging rails. You could hang heavier items like coats and jackets on sturdy rails that will support the weight. For example, a metal pole could be hung between the trusses.

I would recommend protecting the items you want to hang up by placing them inside garment bags. I like these garment bags from

One disadvantage to hanging clothes up like this is they become vulnerable to damage from insects, particularly moths. So I would recommend using either cedarwood moth repellant, mothballs, or moth traps. It is a good idea to check your clothes for damage regularly and treat if affected.

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Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

Store folded clothes in vacuum-sealed bags to protect them from, damp dust and pests. I love the ways these vacuum bags will reduce the bulk of your clothes.

Again I would ensure you label the bags properly. Also for neatness, and to save on space I would place the sealed bags into a stacking plastic box.

Keeping Pests, Moths, and Insects Away from Clothes

Placing mothballs, cedarwood, or moth traps in the areas near your stored clothes will keep away moths and other insects.

This will not be necessary if your clothes are sealed inside vacuum storage bags or you are certain the plastic boxes you use are completely sealed.

Rats and squirrels, for example, have sharp teeth that may chew through plastic containers. Then they will enjoy chewing up your clothes to make lovely nests. So it is important to keep those kinds of critters away from your attic.

Can you Store Clothes in a Hot Attic?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on a number of factors, including the type of clothing, the climate in your area, and how hot your attic gets. In general, I would avoid storing clothes in attics that get too hot.

However, the more robust the material the clothes are made from the more likely they are to survive being stored in a hot attic. So items made from pure cotton or linen are likely to survive unharmed. Sort these in a sealed plastic box or vacuum pack.

Also if you are storing low-value items that are easily replaced like bulk amounts of children’s clothes or sportswear, you could always take the chance that the clothes will be damaged. In this instance store the items in a well-labeled plastic box with a tightly fitting lid.

Never store to following in a hot attic

  • real fur, leather, and synthetic leather items
  • precious or sentimental items like wedding dresses and vintage pieces.
  • delicate clothes and lingerie may be permanently damaged by high temperatures.

Can I Store Baby Clothes in the Attic?

Yes, you can store baby clothes in the attic. The attic is the ideal space for storing low-value baby clothes, young moms will want to keep clothes for the next child that comes along. Also, baby clothes are often passed on between family members and friends.

There are a few different ways to store baby clothes in the attic. One way is to fold them and place them in boxes. You can also use vacuum-sealed bags to store them.


Storing clothing items in an attic provided you follow some basic tips.

There are many different ways to store clothes in the attic. You need to consider what type of clothes you are storing, how hot your attic gets, and whether or not insects will be a problem.

By following some of these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your clothes remain in good condition for years to come.

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