Best Way to Store Hangers

how to organize unused clothes hangers

Clothes hangers are one of the most common and useful items for organizing our clothes. However, if you have too many they just become a nuisance.

You can easily find yourself with too many hangers and not enough space to store them and they become a tangled mess.

In this article, I’m sharing tips, hacks, and products that will help you find the best way to store hangers in your home.

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Free Standing Hanger Stacker 

The free-standing hanger stacker saves you space by allowing you to store sets of hangers in less space.

This hanging clothes caddy is perfect for organizing all your different types of clothes hangers from plastic to padded, big or small!

Could be used in a walk-in closet, laundry room, mudroom, apartment, or dormitory.

Each hanger stacker has a molded handle so it can be carried around easily. You also have the option to hang this holder on the wall using the integrated hook holes.

If your hangers are in a tangled mess, simply place them in this hanger storage caddy to untangle them.

Hanger Holder Storage Rack - Free Standing Hanger Stacker - Space Saving Hanger Caddy for Closet & Room

White Hanger Caddy, Holder, Stacker, and Organizer

This white hanger stacker and organizer will give you a neat way to stack your hangers and keep them well organized.

It has a simple design, and it can hold plenty of hangers. Up to 30 depending on the hanger type. It is great for the laundry room or closet.

To use just place your hangers through the vertical rods, where they will stay in an orderly stack.

White Hanger Caddy/Hanger Holder/Hanger Stacker/Hanger Organizer

Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger Organizer Stacker

This wall organizer for clothes hangers is going to help you organize all your spare clothes hangers.

Hang it inside your closet or laundry room so you can make use of otherwise empty wall space.

This pair of hanger organizers is very easily installed on any smooth surface.

These stainless steel hangers will hold up approximately 90 hangers. Making this perfect organizing solution for homes with large families.

BlingBelle Hanger Organizer Stacker,Hanger Holder Rack with Hook for Closet, Drilling Installation, Double Layer of Painted Metal (Black, 2)

Hanger Storage Triangle Cotton Bag with Handles

This clothes hanger Storage Triangle Cotton Bag with Handles is highly recommended if you want to store a large number of hangers neatly together.

It is a triangular-shaped cotton bag that is the perfect size to fit standard clothes hangers.

If you want to maximize your closet spaces efficiently use this product to store all your unused hangers.

Veronica Hanger Storage Triangle Bag with Handles for Space Saving Hangers Organisers Tidy Storage and Easier Storage in Closets

2 Piece Standing Clothes Hanger Stacker 

This Standing Clothes Hanger Stacker is a useful clothes hanger organizer to help make your laundry room or closet tidy in a matter of minutes.

They can be used in two ways either stack clothes hangers horizontally or hang them up on the bar.

The study design is made so the holder is not easily knocked over. Also, they have a small footprint so won’t take up too much space.

Clothes Hanger Stacker

How to Declutter Hangers

Rather than thinking of ways to organize hangers consider having a good declutter instead. After all, it’s impossible to organize clutter.

Here are some tips to follow as you gather, identify and discard unwanted hangers.

  1. This is an easy one: get rid of all broken or bent hangers, these can go in the trash.
  2. Separate your spare hangers into categories eg wooden, wire, velvet, and identify the types of hangers you use of which type you want to discard.
  3. Declutter any wire or flimsy hangers that just don’t support your clothes well.
  4. Keep a variety of each different type of hanger you know you will use in the future.
  5. Try to keep the same number of hangers as the number of clothes you hang up. This step reduces hangers clutter considerably.
  6. Get the unwanted hangers out of the house. Either donate or recycle if possible.

Ideas For What To Do With Excess Hangers

Now that you have decluttered all your hangers what should you do with them?

There are some tips for dealing with excess hangers:

  • Recycle them where ever possible.
  • If you have a large number of wire hangers from the dry cleaners ask if they will take the hangers back.
  • Ask goodwill shops if they need hangers for all their donated clothes.
  • Consider ingenious ways hangers can be used repurposed around the home, garage, and sheds.
  • Use hangers in craft projects
  • If all else fails they will sadly have to go in the trash, don’t keep them so they clutter your home up!

Create a PVC Clothes Hanger Caddy

Not only will it remove the problem of what to do with all those extra hangers, but it will also free up additional space in your closet if it is already full!

How to Store Excess Hangers Using Elastic Bands

A clever way to organize your excess hangers is to group similar hanger types together and use elastic bands to hold them neatly in a bundle.

You can find out more information on this technique HERE


There are many ways to store your excess clothes hangers, so maybe try some out different ways and find out what is best for you.

It is vital to purge your clothes hangers regularly if you want to keep them from overtaking your closet or laundry room. Clothes hanger clutter will prevent you from achieving a tidy well-organized home.

Organizing your closet can be challenging enough without having too many clothes hangers cluttering up your space.

Make it easy on yourself by getting rid of all broken or bent hangers and organizing any spare ones neatly.

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