Best Way to Store Blankets

best way of storing blankets for the summer

Here is my guide on the best way to store blankets so they remain in good condition.

The number of blankets you need is so often dependant on the weather and temperature outside. So as the warmer months come in you are faced with having to store most of the blankets in your home.

This can certainly be a challenge if you are short of space. I have a number of solutions that can help if you have no linen cupboard or you live in a small home.

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Good quality blankets are expensive so you will want to store them in a way that will keep them in good condition and free from damage done by pests.

ways of storing blankets

Different Ways of Storing Blankets

There are many different ways to store blankets. Briefly, they can be categorized in the following ways.

  • hang in the closet
  • vacuum pack before storing
  • store in a bedroom ottoman
  • folded and stored on shelves in closet
  • in garage
  • linen cupboards
  • under the bed storage solution
  • in the attic

✅Fabric Ottoman

This attractive ottoman is perfect for storing bedding in the bedroom. It is spacious and easily hides all your seasonal bedding.

One great thing about ottomans is the way you can use them as a seat for putting on your socks etc when getting dressed.

Ottomans are available in many different sizes and colors. There will be something to fit in with any bedroom decor themes.

Tip: once you are on amazon, scroll down the page to see instant recommendations for similar products.

 Blanket and Bedding Storage Ottoman for BedroomsBlanket and Bedding Storage Ottoman for Bedrooms


✅ Faux Leather Ottoman Bench

There is plenty of space inside this roomy 80-liter capacity ottoman. A perfect storage place for all your winter blankets during the summer months.

Place this at the end of your bed and you will hardly know it is there.

  • also available in white and black
  • the bench can take weights of up to 350 pounds
  • use it to sit on while getting dressed
  • could be used for storing other times like the kids’ toys and clothes

 80 Liter Ottoman with Padded Seat for Bedrooms80 Liter Ottoman with Padded Seat for Bedrooms


✅ Closet Hanging Storage

I love this way of storing blankets. This way of folding and hanging the blankets over a hanger has the following advantages.

  • you see at a glance the number of blankets you own.
  • keeps the blankets in the fresh air where they are less likely to be attacked by pests.
  • you can grab a blanket in an instant if needed

If you store blankets folded up in a storage box, for example, it is very easy to forget you own it. Leading to clutter as you buy more.

If you store boxes of blankets in an attic then you have the added inconvenience of having to rummage through piles of belonging to find the blanket you need.

I would recommend keeping all your items out and in full view. Particularly seasonal items like blankets. It is so easy to just pack them away in spring and they are then forgotten about for years.

 Steel Blanket Hangers for ClosetsSteel Blanket Hangers for Closets


The Different Types of Blankets and How They Should be Stored

The most common types of materials blankets are made from acrylic, polyester, cotton, microfleece, and wool.

Here is a quick summary of the best ways to store blankets depending on the material they are made from.

The biggest concern is storing blanket made from wool that is prone to be attacked and eaten by pests.

  • pure 100% wool and woolen blends blankets made from wool need to stored in a way that will protect them from damage by pests. Take them out of storage every 6 months to check for infestations. If pests are suspected, place the blanket in a vacuum bag to exclude the air and place it in a freezer for 7 to 14 days.
  • acrylic, polyester, and polyester blends wash and dry then fold neatly and store in a linen cupboard or storage container.
  • linen, linen blends, cotton, and cotton blends although these are made from organic materials moths and other pests rarely attack them. However, it is important these blankets are washed before storage. I would recommend inspecting them every 6 months.

✅ Best Way to Store Big Blankets

One of the problems with storing big blankets is the way they can fall off shelves and generally become a bulky nuisance.

If you have big blankets to store I would recommend a product that keeps it neatly folded ready to place on a storage shelf.

Once the blanket is neatly in place the whole bag can be stored in any convenient place, like under a bed or in the linen cupboard.

What I like About This Product

  • it has a large see-through window so you can see what is inside in an instant
  • there are durable handles for easy retrieval
  • the gray material is breathable so the blankets will keep fresh during storage

Thanings I don’t like About This Product

  • it probably won’t protect woolen blankets from attacks by moths and other pests
  • not suitable for more challenging storage places like dirty and dusty attics and garages

 Extra Large Zippered Blanket Bedding BagExtra Large Zippered Blanket Bedding Bag


How to Fold a Big Blanket Before Storage

Here is a clever folding hack that will keep your blankets neat and tidy when they are being stored during the summer months.

I like the way you can practice the technique first using a small handkerchief.

I have tried this out on a couple of throw blankets and I can report that it works really well.

✅ How to Store Blankets to Keep Them Fresh

My first choice would be to use cedarwood. I love the fresh cedarwood smell it reminds me of hikes in the country.

The other great advantage of using cedar is the way it can help to keep pests that might eat your woolen blankets at bay.

This kit comes with cedar blocks in different shapes and sizes. The wooden block or sachets can be added in between blankets that are being stored.

If you are storing blankets in a closet on hangers there are cedarwood circles that slip over the hook of the hanger.

What I like about cedar is they are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about children or pets coming into contact with them.

 Cedar Blocks for Bedding Storage, 100% Natural CedarCedar Blocks for Bedding Storage, 100% Natural Cedar


Alternatively, if the smell of cedar is not your thing then consider floral fragrances like this set of 8 lilac scented sachets.

Just pop these between or near to the blankets you are storing to keep them sweet-smelling.

 Lilac Scented Sachet for Storage in Closets and DrawersLilac Scented Sachet for Storage in Closets and Drawers


Homemade Scented Pouches

If you would prefer to make your own scented sachets here is an easy-to-follow tutorial that even I could follow.

This uses all-natural products, including white rice, essential oils, lavender flowers and rosemary.

Briefly, the rice is mixed with the essential oil and allowed to dry, then the dried lavender flowers and rosemary are added and mixed together.

This mixture is poured into small cotton bags, and the drawstring in pulled, and hey presto you have a homemade scented pouch.

I would certainly slip one or two of these in between the folds of any blankets I was going to store.

Similar pretty little sachets are available HERE.

How to Store Bedding in a Pillowcases

One great tip to keep your blanket neat and tidy when being stored on shelves is to tuck them into a pillowcase.

You do of course need to have a spare pillow case at hand.

As you can see from the image below how neat and tidy it looks.

This is only really suitable for the more lightweight smaller blankets.

picture source

Different Types of Pests that may Damage Woolen Blankets

The main pests to watch out for are moths or carpet beetles that just love to eat wool. In fact, it is the larvae that cause all the damage, by eating the woolen fibers.

Advice from Matha Stewart includes laundering and cleaning everything thoroughly before storing the items.

Moths and beetles can get through extremely tight spaces. When storing woolens, resealable plastic bags or plastic boxes are best for keeping pests out.

Martha Stewart

How to Store Blankets with No Linen Closet?

There are a few options to consider if you are short on space.

  • good quality vacuum packs will reduce the bulk of the blankets so they can be stored in small spaces.
  • invest in a large ottoman for the bedroom
  • the area under a bed is often underutilized so you might find suitable space there,
  • don’t have blankets instead use a duvet for warmth.
  • consider spaces outside the home for example in the garage or an attic.

✅ What to Do With Old Baby Blankets?

It can be difficult to deal with sentimental items I have a post here that covers that subject in more depth.

My advice would be to go through your baby blanket collection and discard all but one. Take photographs of the ones that will be leaving your home if you are very attached.

Keep the one you have chosen in a memory box that holds other special baby memories, like the first booties.

You don’t need to keep everything your baby had. You will still have your memories preserved even with fewer items.

For the baby blankets, you no longer need just donate these to goodwill or pass them onto a new mother.

Linen Closet Organizing Tips

If you are lucky enough to have a linen closet here are some great tips for decluttering and organizing that space.

I loved the light and airy feel that putting all the bedding into storage containers brought. Also, I admired the way she was prepared to deal with unwanted baby blankets.

The other thing to take away from this video is that clutter was removed from the cupboard, for example, she found board games that were never played with.

✅ Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags for Blankets

It is just amazing how much space these vacuum bags can free up.

These are the perfect choice for storing winter blankets during the summer.

Another great advantage of storing blanket in these bags is you are keeping them away from pests that might attack woolen blankets.

 Vacuum Storage Bags Extra Large Bags for Blanket StorageVacuum Storage Bags Extra Large Bags for Blanket Storage


✅ Under the Bed Storage Containers

One area that you might not have thought about is the space under your bed.

This really works well if you have a platform type bed. A storage container can slip easily under the bed.

My preference is a plastic storage container that comes with wheels so you can easily slip the box under the bed.

The type pictured here is a good pick as a hinged lid means you don’t have to pull the whole container out to access what’s stored inside.

 Large Rolling Under Bed Storage Bins with Hinged LidLarge Rolling Under Bed Storage Bins with Hinged Lid


How to Store Blankets in an Attic, Garage, or Basement?

When it comes to storing items like bedding in an attic, garage, shed ot basement. My advice would be to don’t store bedding in these places.

Try to find storage in the home where the environment is much kinder to items made from fabric.

If you are 100% certain there is no other choice you will have to acknowledge that the environment outside the home is not kind to fabrics. They are often damp, cold, dusty, and dirty.

My advice is to store them in a good quality vacuum pack with all the air excluded. Then use a tough plastic box with a lid to store the bagged blankets in.

Make sure your label the outside of the box. Items that are stored outside the home can often be forgotten so make a note to make sure you regularly check the condition of the blankets.

Also, it might be worth asking yourself if you really need the blankets you are storing. Maybe if you haven’t had to use them in one calendar year consider letting them go.

I want you to avoid clearing out a garage or a similar space only to find blankets that have been stored for years, without ever being missed.

Finally, I would never store blankets that you have a strong emotional tie to. For example, a handmade blanket that your grandpa made, or a special baby blanket you want to keep to remember your child’s childhood.

Further Reading

Here are some links to experts in the field of pest control. These have expert knowledge of the types of pests and the control methods of common household pests that attack woolen items.


I hope this guide has helped you to find the right solutions for storing your blankets.

Certainly, if you have blankets made from natural fibers you will need to protect them from the damage pests will cause.

Blankets made from artificial fibers, cotton, and linen are much less susceptible to damage from pests.

Before I finish I would always like you to question the need for storage, always ask yourself “do I need this item” before storing.

Storing items that will never be used will just end up cluttering up your home.

how to store woolen blankets