17 Best Satin Sheets for a Luxurious Look

Welcome to my guide on the best satin sheets for your bedroom.

If you love the feel of silky smooth sheets on your skin then these bedding sets are perfect for you.

There is a large range of difffernt stunning and vibrant colors and designs avalbe.

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You can also choose between satin sheets that are made from polyester or go for the luxury of pure 100% silk.

✅ Satin Sheets and Duvet Cover Set

If you prefer sleeping with a duvet instead of a comforter then this 6 piece set could be the choice for you.

It comes with a fitted sheet that will fit a mattress up to 18 inches deep. It is a nice feature that the sheet has elastic all the way around the edge of the fitted sheet to ensure that it does not slip and slide around.

It’s great to come across a bedding set that includes 4 matching pillowcases nice when everything matches.

Another feature I like about this set is the number of different colors that are available. If you look at the picture below you can see that the available colors are shown in the little circles.

 Satin 6 Piece Bedding Set With Duvet CoverSatin 6 Piece Bedding Set With Duvet Cover


✅ Luxury Silk Bed Sheets 100% Natural Silk

This bedding set is the absolute height of luxury. Made from pure silk for the best sleep experience.

This is a 4 piece set that includes 2 sham pillows, a fitted bottom sheet, and a top flat sheet. Pair with a cozy and luxurious gold comforter and you have the ultimate comfortable bedding for a fabulous night’s sleep.

Pure silk is reported to be comfortable for people that get hot through the night.

 Luxurious Gold Silk Sheet Set 100% Pure SilkLuxurious Gold Silk Sheet Set 100% Pure Silk


✅ White Satin Sheet Set

Nothing is nicer than a set of white sheet newly laundered it just makes you want to go to bed much earlier in the hope of a good night sleep.

The great thing about white sheets is they coordinate so well in any bedroom decor colors.

In this luxurious set you get 2 pillowcases, a deep pocket fitted sheet a flat sheet.

 White Satin Bedding set with Fitted Sheets and PillowcasesWhite Satin Bedding set with Fitted Sheets and Pillowcases


✅ Pink Stripe Satin Sheet Bedding Set

I just love the design of these sheets and pillowcases. The stripe design in a lovely shade of pink and the stripe is subtle but effective.

I could see this working very well in a pink-themed master bedroom. So fresh and clean looking. It will be a joy to retire to your bed every night.

This design is also available in white, blue and grey, so more choice if pink is not really your cup of tea!

 Stripped Satin Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase SetStripped Satin Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set


✅ Black Satin Bed Sheets

To many, these black satin sheets are considered really sexy and can add some spice to any relationship. I couldn’t possibly comment!!!

This set comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet.

 Black Satin Bed Sheet set with Pillow CasesBlack Satin Bed Sheet set with Pillow Cases


✅ Bedsure 4 Piece Satin Bed Sheet Set

Here is a lovely satin bed sheet set that comes in 4 pieces. 1 fitted sheet with a 14 inch pocket and the added bonus of elestic all around the the edge. A flat sheet plus 2 pillowcases.

I really love the color of this set. It’s a lovely cool shade of gray that is a nice neutral color that will fit in well with all bedroom decor themes.

 Gray Satin Bed Sheet Set With Deep PocketGray Satin Bed Sheet Set With Deep Pocket


✅ Rose Gold Satin Sheet Set

This is the most beautiful color, it is going to look fabulous in a bedroom with hints of pink.

One of the things I love about this product is the generous hem sown into the flat sheet has piping so looks very well finished and more expensive than you have paid.

 Rose Gold Satin Sheet SetRose Gold Satin Sheet Set


✅ Leopard Skin Pattern Satin Sheets Bedding Set

This is quite a rarity a satin bedding in a crazy print! They are usually found in just solid colors.

I could see this pattern looking great in a bedroom with neutral cream walls with over the top glamorous style accessories.

 Leopard Print Satin Sheet SetLeopard Print Satin Sheet Set


✅ Luxury Bedding Set in Light Blue

I just love the color of this bedding set that will look great in a glamorous style bedroom. Think over the top headboards, chandeliers, and mirrored side tables.

This set also comes in a wide range of different colors including pink, gold and purple.

 Light Blue Luxury Soft and Silky BeddingLight Blue Luxury Soft and Silky Bedding


✅ Teal Luxurious Satin Sheets

This comes in a beautiful deep color teal. This is a real on trend color for the bedroom this year. This color coordiantes well with light browns, white and black.

 Comfortable Teal Satin Sheets SetComfortable Teal Satin Sheets Set


✅ Burgundy Luxury Fine Satin Bedding

Here is the glamour that can be achieved on a budget. This sheet set is 100% silk yet is a quarter of the price of similar sets I have seen elsewhere.

It comes with a set of 4 pillowcases a fitted sheet and flat sheet. Also this is available in many other sumptuous colors.

Burgundy pairs well with neutral light shades of cream and brown. I love the combination of burgundy and white in a room. Gold pairs very well for a glamorous bedroom look.

 100% Pure Silk Burgundy Set with 13″ Pocket100% Pure Silk Burgundy Set with 13


✅ Deep Red Satin Sheets

These are a beautiful deep red that will look fantastic in a bedroom that has an opulent feel. Red pair so well with other opulent colors like gold and cream.

It is nice that the pillowcases have 4 inch hem around the edge this makes your bedding look more luxurious and expensive.

 Red Opulent Satin Sheet SetRed Opulent Satin Sheet Set


✅ Satin Bedding in Purple

This has a lovely deep rich purple color, that will match a grey bedroom. Alternatively, go wild pair the purple with lime green for a contemporary feel.

 Luxury Silky Satin Purple Bedding SetLuxury Silky Satin Purple Bedding Set


✅ Pink Satin Sheet and Pillowcase Set

Pink is such a popular choice for bedrooms. If your bedroom has pink thened decor then this is the bedding set for you.

There are many different shades of pink some are nicer than others. I love the shade shown here: a lovely soft and subtle pink, not too girly.

 Pink Satin Sheets, 3-Piece SetPink Satin Sheets, 3-Piece Set


✅ Best Budget Satin Sheets

Here is a great bedding set that won’t break the bank. Perfect for your master bedroom or posh guest room.

Long lasting and durable as it made from microfiber material.

 4 Piece Budget Luxury Satin Sheet Set4 Piece Budget Luxury Satin Sheet Set


✅ Mint Green Sheet Set

I really love this mint green color so classy. I notice in the picture the bedding is set in a neural grey bedroom very effective.

 MInt Green Bedding Set with 4 Pillow Case and 2 SheetsMInt Green Bedding Set with 4 Pillow Case and 2 Sheets


✅ Luxurious 100% Silk Silver Bedding Set

This silk bedding set is the height of decadence, as is going to look gorgeous in a glam style bedroom.

Practical too as silk keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

 Silver 100% Pure Silk Sheet Set 4pcs, Silk Fitted Sheet 15” Deep PocketSilver 100% Pure Silk Sheet Set 4pcs, Silk Fitted Sheet 15'' Deep Pocket


What are Satin Sheets?

These are sheets that have a silky smooth finish and a soft sheen. They feel very smooth to the touch.

The vast majority of satin sheets are made from polyester or polyester blends but can be made from other fibers such as silk. This material will have a smooth side to sleep on.

Pros and Cons of Satin Sheets

The advantages of statin sheets are many including

  • luxurious look and feel on the skin
  • cool in summer
  • reported to reduce frizziness and split ends in hair
  • sheets made from man-made fibers are easy to wash and dry
  • it has been suggested that these sheets are good for the skin, by helping to reduce wrinkles and sleep lines.
  • pure silk may benefit people that are prone to acne breakouts

Some Disadvantages to Stain Sheets Includes

  • they are very slippery and need to be well anchored to the mattress to keep them in place. Tip: Always use sheet anchors.
  • not everyone likes the feel of silky smooth bedding to sleep on.
  • they may not be warm enough in the winter months
  • they can produce static electricity especially if you are wearing nightclothes made from man-made material to be. Sparks could fly!!!!

Silk sheets vs Satin sheets

As mentioned before satin sheets can be made from silk. However the most luxurious bedding sets are made from 100% pure silk.

The big disadvantage to 100% silk sheets is the cost which will be over 10 times more than a similar product made from polyester.

Pure silk sheets are a natural fiber that won’t contain chemicals that may be found with man-made materials. This could be important to you if you are allergic to man-made products.

What are the benefits of satin sheets? Is it good to sleep on satin?

  • If you love the silky smooth feeling on your skin then the biggest benefits are a great night’s sleep.
  • Sheets that are made from man-made fibers like polyester are easy to wash and dry.
  • Satin sheets that are made from polyester are relatively cheap. They also come in a wide range of lovely colors, to suit your bedroom decor.
  • It has been reported that sleeping on satin is good for the skin.
  • Hair is less likely to become matted and tangled during sleep.
  • They are nice and cool to sleep on making them the perfect summer bedding choice.

Can you Bleach Satin Sheets?

Never ever try to use bleach on a satin sheet, the fibers a way to delicate and you will ruin the bedding. I found a few tips here on the best way to deal with stains on satin sheets.

I would hate to hear that anyone has ruined an expensive set of 100% pure silk bedding, by using bleach.

How to Wash Satin Sheets

First of all it is best to check the washing label to check the manufacturers washing and drying recomendations of your individual bedding set.

Generally though satin sheets made from polyester require a cool or cold wash. This can be followed by a tumble dry on a cool setting. Basically, the sheets can be ruined by either washing or drying using high temperatures.

With 100% pure silk please follow the manufacturer recommendations to the letter. Silk is very delicate and needs special handling and care. I have found a very good explanation of the best way to wash silk here.

How to Keep Satin Sheets from Slipping

Look out for bedding sets that has elastic all the way around the edge of the sheets. Some products just have elastic just on the corner these will slide around.

Consider using bed anchors or an elastic band that goes all the way around the mattress keeping the sheet in place.

Satin Sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

When it comes to choosing between different types of material for your bedding it really comes down to personal choice.

For example, if you love the feel silky smooth material on you skin then satin is the best choice for you.

Good quality high thread count Egyptian cotton can last for many years and can be laundered at high temperatures. Satin on the other had is not quite so robust and will not last as long as pure cotton.


I hope you have been able to find the perfect set of satin sheets for your needs. Whether you choose pure silk or go for satin made from polyester you are guaranteed a great night’s sleep, as the silky smooth material caresses your skin.

Satin has the reputation for being difficult to wash and dry I hope have been able to provide you with information that shows you they are in fact easy to look after.

As you can see the range of different satin bedding sets is amazing. I think it is wonderful the amount of different color choices there are available. There is sure to be the perfect sheet and pillowcase sets out there to match your bedroom decor.