Best Backrest Pillow for Reading in Bed

Here are a variety of different options if you want to discover the best backrest pillow for reading in bed.

If you love reading in bed then you will know that it is hard at times to get completely comfortable. These reading pillows will help you to sit up in bed and find the perfect position to read.

In the past, I used to lay back onto a couple of pillows that I kind of propped up behind my neck and head. This was OK for a few minutes and then everything would become increasingly uncomfortable, and I would have to rearrange the pillows, very annoying.

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Also, I learned that propping your head up with pillows can be bad for your, neck and posture. With these products, you can read comfortably for longer periods without having to rearrange your sitting position.

These have other uses, like watching TV, using a tablet, and eating and drinking whilst in bed.

✅ Book Pillow for Reading in Bed

This is the perfect pillow to take to bed that will make reading comfortable and a real pleasure.

Although the product pictured here is red it comes in a wide range of different colors including pink, brown, and black.

These types of pillows are also useful in other parts of the home. For example, try using it on a sofa while you are watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

 Husband Pillow with Removable Neck RollHusband Pillow with Removable Neck Roll


✅ Big Backrest Reading Pillow with Arms and Neckroll

This product features a firm pillow and arms with a detachable neckroll. The cover is easy to remove for cleaning. It comes in many different colors.

The filling is shredded memory foam while the cover is made from a plush material that is really comfortable against the skin.

 Large Strong and Sturdy Husband Pillow with NeckrollLarge Strong and Sturdy Husband Pillow with Neckroll


✅ Milliard Therapeutic Reading Pillow

Here are sit-up pillows that come in a variety of sizes that will suit the whole family.

Although great for reading or watching TV in bed they are great for people to use while gaming.

 Sit Up Pillow in 3 Different SizesSit Up Pillow in 3 Different Sizes


✅ Reading Lap Pillow

This useful product provides support for books, e-readers, tablets, and kindles.

I like to take my tablet to bed so I can watch TV programs this would be perfect for me especially when watching programs while lying on my side.

This has a cute owl design, but it also comes in a variety of different patterns and colors.

 Book and Tablet Support for Beds, Sofas and TablesBook and Tablet Support for Beds, Sofas and Tables


✅ Reading Pillow with Cup Holders

Here we have the ultimate in luxury and convenience, a supportive pillow with a handy couple of holders for your drinks. The cup holders can be moved if required.

The cover is made from easy clean velour so will feel soft and luxurious on your skin.

 X-Large Reading Pillow with Cup HoldersX-Large Reading Pillow with Cup Holders


✅ Backrest Pillow with Removable Cover

This is just so practical as it has a removable cover.

Spills and mishaps happen all the time and it is nice if a cover can be quickly slipped off and laundered.

This product comes in a wide range of different colors.

 Support Pillow with Removable Cover and Arm RestsSupport Pillow with Removable Cover and Arm Rests


✅ Bolster Triangular Reading Backrest

I love the size and shape of this bolster cushion. It is long enough to span the whole length of the bed, so great for couples that read or watch tv in bed.

This features a practical detachable easy to clean cover that features a small pocket that is useful for the TV controller or cell phone.

To me, this product looks attractive so nice enough to leave “on show” during the day. This product comes in 10 different colors. So if the green color I’ve selected below isn’t to your taste then there are plenty of other colors in the range to choose from.

 Large Bolster Wedge Shaped Reading PillowLarge Bolster Wedge Shaped Reading Pillow


✅ Best Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

This is such a clever product as it allows you to not only sit up in bed but will work as a wedge pillow or a leg or knee support.

It has a clever system where the two parts of the pillow can be detached so the pillow can become many different shapes.

It is constructed of memory foam that is very comfortable yet durable. And will provide support and comfort when in use.

Versatile Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow for Sitting Up in BedVersatile Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow for Sitting Up in BedVersatile Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow for Sitting Up in Bed


✅Kapok Wedge Reading Pillow

This is a lovely and beautifully designed wedge pillow. It has an attractive cover that will be an asset to your home decor.

It is mainly made from natural kapok fiber that is organic.

This product has so many different uses from a sofa cushion to a backrest in bed.

Trianglar Backrest and Reading SupportTrianglar Backrest and Reading SupportTrianglar Backrest and Reading Support


✅ Reading Pillow with Removable Cover

This has to be the ultimate in comfort. I love the way it provides maximum support as you read.

It is practical too as it has a detachable cover that is easy to wash.

Supportive BedLounge Reading Cushion with PocketsSupportive BedLounge Reading Cushion with PocketsSupportive BedLounge Reading Cushion with Pockets


✅ Double Reading Pillow

This product is ideal for kids reading time. Plenty of room for a child to sit up next to you while you read to them.

I could also imagine this product would be great for larger people, that a standard cushion wouldn’t fit.

You can customize the firmness of this pillow by either adding or removing some of the memory foam shreds.

2 Person Double Reading Pillow2 Person Double Reading Pillow2 Person Double Reading Pillow


✅ Reading Pillows for Kids

Here is a cute animal cushion for children to rest on. Ideal for reading, playing video games, and watching TV.

Although the dinosaur is very cute, you may be interested to know that this is available in many other cute animal designs.

Including a pink rabbit, monkey, dog, owl, and unicorn.

Cute Green Dinosaur Backrest for ChildrenCute Green Dinosaur Backrest for ChildrenCute Green Dinosaur Backrest for Children


✅ Extra Large Bed Reading Pillow

This pillow is for larger people that love to read or watch TV in bed.

It is also useful for providing support while sitting on the floor or sofa, watching TV, or playing games.

Extra Large Bed Reading and TV PillowExtra Large Bed Reading and TV PillowExtra Large Bed Reading and TV Pillow


Frequently Asked Questions About Reading Pillows

What is the most comfortable position to read in?

With this question, the answer really is a simple as the position that makes you feel the most comfortable, which doesn’t cause discomfort and pain.

Everyone is going to have a position they prefer. For example, when reading I like to lay back quite far proved my neck and head are supported this feels comfortable.

However, I know people that like to sit fully upright and just lean back slightly onto a pillow.

Is reading in bed bad for your neck?

Well, reading in bed per se is not necessarily bad for your neck, provided you maintain good posture.

One of the worst things you can do is to prop your head up with a couple of pillows leaving your neck bent at a steep angle.

Ideally whatever you do your neck should be in a neutral position.

This is described well by Gok Hale on her website. I have one of her books and that has helped me to improve persistent back pain. She’s brilliant!

Why are husband pillows so expensive?

Well, they are usually constructed for good quality materials that will stay firm for many years.

Also, the construction of the husband pillow is complicated as it is made of many different parts.

What is a husband pillow?

This is a reading or sitting up a pillow that is quite firm that also has a couple of arms on the side for support.

When I first came across the product called a husband pillow I immediately thought that it was a pillow that only husbands could use.

Of course, I soon realized that was silly!

I believe the term “husband” was coined as it holds you firmly just like a husband would!!!

What is the best pillow for reading in bed?

Personally, I would recommend finding a large strong pillow that is made from memory foam.

These will keep their shape and continue to support your body for many years.
The pillow should be large enough that it supports the whole of your back and neck.

Other fillings like “beads” feathers or shredded memory foam can start to sag and become lumpy and clumpy over time.

How to wash a reading pillow?

Each product will have its own instructions so I would recommend looking at the washing instruction label.

When it comes to cleaning you need to consider if the product has a detachable cover or not.

If the pillow has a detachable cover then you are in luck, as the cover can be laundered following the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the stain has gone through to the inside of the pillow try a damp cloth to dab away the stain.

Products made from memory foam (either shredded or solid) or bean bags can usually only be spot washed by dabbing the stained area.


As you can see there are plenty of different reading pillow options and choices you can make depending on the type you like and the use you will put it to.

As well as reading these pillows prop your torso up in bed. This can be useful if you suffer from reflux, nasal congestion, coughing, and backache. Indeed your healthcare adviser may have told you to sit up at night to alleviate symptoms.

If you are confined to bed due to an illness or injury them a reading pillow is a must-have as they provide support so you can easily, watch TV, eat meals and play on your computer.

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