17 Best Pillows for Kids {Guide and Options}

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Welcome to my guide all about the best pillows for kids. Once kids reach around 2 to 3 years old they start to want a pillow to rest their head when sleeping.

I have also included some fun cute “toy” like pillows that a child might play with or use for a nap away from their proper beds.

There is also another category of children’ s pillows. These are travel pillows that provide comfort and support, for resting and sleeping during car journeys.

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These often come in fun colorful designs usually depicting a cute animal.

When picking a pillow for a child please make sure it is a safe product. Also, consider if it is age-appropriate.

For example, very young babies should never sleep with anything including pillows, blankets or cuddly toys in their cribs.

✅ Pillow for 2- 5-Year-Old

  • suitable for ages 2 – 5
  • pillow and cover is machine washable

Here is a pillow that has been designed with young children in mind.

The cover comes in many different designs that kids will love. For example, cars, unicorns, and dinosaurs.

Kids 2 - 5 Years Cotton Pillow for SleepingKids 2 – 5 Years Cotton Pillow for SleepingKids 2 - 5 Years Cotton Pillow for Sleeping


✅ Toddler Pillow and Comforter Set

  • Perfect for Ages 2 to 5 years
  • Made from easy-care polyester

Here is a pretty yet practical unicorn bedding set just right for a youngster’s first proper bed.

It does come in more boy friendly designs of construction vehicles and dinosaurs.

 Unicorn Design Comforter and Pillow SetUnicorn Design Comforter and Pillow Set


✅ Children’s Ladybug Neck pillow for Long Trips

  • the manufacturer recommends this for ages 1 to 12 years old.
  • it is constructed from 100% cotton fabric and is fully washable.

This cute little ladybug is going to be a godsend for the parents of children during long trips. Either by car or plane.

It provides gentle support for the head and neck whenever the child falls asleep. More comfort equals longer and more satisfying sleep during travel.

This means children are well rested and more likely to behave well. This in turn leads to less stressed parents!

Its useful in the home as well for naps and head support for watching TV.

 Ladybug Head and Neck Support PillowLadybug Head and Neck Support Pillow


✅ Child Pillow Memory Foam

  • for ages 3 plus
  • the cover is made from a material grass coral fiber material.

This pillow is designed so that when your child is sleepeing they are able to maintain good spine alignment.

It is useful that the cover is easy to slip off and is very easy to wash.

 Kids Memory Foam Pillow for ToddlersKids Memory Foam Pillow for Toddlers


✅ Child Car Seat Head Pillow

  • for Young Children ages 3 – 7 years or Junior Size for 8-12 years.
  • the whole pillow is easily washed in a machine

The problem with the car seat is they offer very little support to your child’s head when they fall asleep. This type of head pillow provides plenty of support for the chin, neck, and head when the child falls to sleep.

Apart from cars this can also be used when your child is in a stroller or sitting on a plane.

One thing I love about this design is the lack of bulk this makes it easy to carry when traveling. For example through an airport.

 Kids Travel Neck Support PillowKids Travel Neck Support Pillow


✅ Hugging Pillow Toy Dog

  • suitable for ages of 3 plus
  • the stuffing is made from cotton
  • the outside cover is made from plush material.

This cute dog is not the kind of pillow that a child should use to sleep with. It should be seen more as a cuddly toy that a child can snuggle up to for day time naps.

I could see this being very useful in the living room as your child can prop themselves up to watch TV or to play video games.

It should be noted that this toy should ideally be hand washed and that the cover is not detachable.

 Soft Dog Big Hugging Pillow for ChildrenSoft Dog Big Hugging Pillow for Children


✅ Fun Dinosaur Pillow

  • for ages over 4
  • no separate pillowcase is needed
  • the filling is made from polyester
  • the outside cover is 100% cotton

This is a cute dinosaur pillow every child will love to sleep on.

 Toddler Dinosaur Pillow . No Pillowcase NeededToddler Dinosaur Pillow . No Pillowcase Needed


✅ Dinosaur Backrest Reading Support

  • for ages 2 years plus.

This type of pillow is not for sleeping with. It’s completely unsuitable for nighttime as it is far too large and will not give the right kind of support.

Instead, it is can be used as a backrest for children when they are reading, playing with a tablet, or watching TV.

This type of pillow can also be used as a resting place for a quick daytime nap.

It comes in other cute animal designs like an elephant, rabbit or monkey.

Can also be used to play with just like any soft animal toy.

 Plush Dinosaur Backrest and Nesting NookPlush Dinosaur Backrest and Nesting Nook


✅ Kid’s Cuddle Pillow

  • for ages 3 and above
  • easy to wash detachable cover
  • should not be used for nighttime sleeping

This is a fun monkey pillow that is designed for any kid over 3 to snuggle up into.

This has plenty of uses. Great for daytime naps. Can be used as a backrest for watching TV and using a tablet.

I could see this in any children’s playroom, imagine all the fun they will have playing with this.

kids cuddle pillow
childs cuddle pillow

✅ Nap Mat with Pillow

  • for ages 3 – 7
  • made from easy to wash cotton polyester material

With this mat, your child can have a nap where ever you are. Perfect for vacations as it rolls up into a neat sized roll.

What a great idea a sleeping mat with both an integrated pillow and a covering blanket. So lovely and cozy.

Ideal for daytime naps either in the home or at daycare.

There are many different colors and designs to choose from, including Batman, robots and cute pink ponies.

kids cozy nap mat
childs nap blanket and pillow

✅ Cute Unicorn Seat Belt Pillow

  • for ages 5 plus
  • easy to wash

The product is really aimed at older children that are using just a booster car seat. Cute and cuddly this provides a support pillow for children when traveling in the car.

Can prevent the seat belt from digging in and being uncomfortable.

You can take this inside the home where it can be used as a support for a daytime nap or while watching TV.

seat belt pillow
childs nap blanket and pillow

✅ Cute Dog Large Floor Pillow

  • for ages over 3 years
  • it has a detachable and washable cover

So cute and cuddly any child is just going to love this to play with it. Hours of fun.

It produces plenty of different heights of support for all kinds of activities, including daytime snoozes, reading books, and watching TV.

This is so gorgeous and snuggly I’m the sure adults will be using it as well.

animal pillow toy
dog playroom pillows

✅ Novelty LED Light Star Pillows for Children

  • for ages 3 and above {choking hazard for younger children}

This cute little decorative star-shaped pillow that lights up in many different colors. Perfect for a child’s bedroom.

This product is available in 3 other colors, white yellow and blue.

Although this pillow I fun I would not recommend this for sleeping on.

kids novelty pillow
LED Light Star Shaped Pillow

✅ Child’s Organic Pillow

  • for ages 2 – 5

As a parent, you are no doubt concerned that your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals. This is especially true of bedding products as your child will be spending a considerable amount of their day sleeping on them.

The cover on this pillow is made from 100% organic cotton. The filling is made from polyester “balls” that make the whole thing machine washable.

The company that makes this pillow has gone to considerable effort to make sure this product won’t harm children’s necks by bad sleeping posture.

organic cotton toddler pillow
organic cotton bedding for children

✅ Bunny Rabbit Reading Pillows

  • for ages 2 years and older

This cute little bunny will provide back support for your child’s reading time. It can also be used as a cuddly toy to play with, watching TV, or playing with a tablet.

One thing I love about this product is the nice large handle on the top, so your child can move this around from room to room without any help.

This is also perfect as a nesting nook for reading or daytime naps.

cute bunny rabbit reading nook
best reading pillow for children

✅ Colorful Flowers Playroom Floor Pillow

  • for ages 3 and older

This fun pillow will be a hit with your children. This happy little flower pillow can be used as a toy or for sitting on.

cute flower pillow for children's rooms
flower pillow toy

✅ Fun Pillow Cover for the Playroom Floor

  • for ages 3 plus

This product comes with large pockets that you insert your own pillows into.

It provides a soft and fun place for children to play, sleep or watch TV.

This is ideal to put in a playroom or the floor of a child’s bedroom.

floor cushion for playrooms
large playroom pillows

Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Pillows

What is the best pillow for a child?

I would recommend looking for a pillow that is made from natural fibers like cotton. These have the advantage of being able to tolerate high temperatures during washing.

An important consideration if for example your child has been poorly and may have infected the pillow.

For more toy types of pillow, I would prefer to purchase one that had a detachable cover. Spills and accidents are part of having a child. It is nice to be able to clean up easily after them.

If your child has allergies it may be worth trying a pillow that is hypoallergenic. These pillows are less likely to cause any allergic reactions (not guaranteed of course).

How many pillows should a child have?

Ideally just one is enough, an exception might be an older child 5+ that loves to read in bed.

They may need an extra pillow to prop their head and shoulders up to read comfortably. That pillow should be removed for sleep time though.

What kind of pillow should 5 years and older children use?

A lot depends on the growth stage of your child. The most important thing is that the pillow should support the head with the spine in a neutral position.

The size and depth of the pillow should change and the child gets older.

Children that sleep on their backs will need a different depth of pillow compared to children that like to sleep on their sides.

You can find out more medically reviewed advice on the right pillow for your child HERE

What Kind of Pillow is Suitable for a Toddler 2 years plus

As your toddler gets older they can transition onto a small but thin pillow. The pillow needs to provide support for your toddler’s neck and spine.

The pillow must not be too thick as the neck will be bent in an unnatural position. Find more information HERE.


I hope you have found this buyers guide to children pillows useful.

Finding a nice pillow makes all the difference to the quality of sleep your child will get. So its important you spend plenty of time preperly considering your purchase.

There are many fun pillows that children can play and nap with, although they are great fun they shouldn’t be used during the night in the child’s proper bed.

Pillow Health and Safely Note

The products featured here are only suitable for normal healthy Children over around 3 years of age.

Looking For More Bedding Options and Ideas?

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