17 Best Microfiber Sheets for a Good Nights Sleep

Here is my guide to the best microfiber sheets for your bed so you can have a great nights sleep.

There is plenty to love about microfiber bedding. They are soft and warm yet are breathable and will wick away moisture.

For maximum coziness look for double brushed and fleece sheets. For a cooler sheet look out for material that is smooth.

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✅ Cozy and Warm Microfiber Fleece Sheets

These fleece style sheets are just so warm and cozy you are just going to love snuggling up in bed. Perfect for people that feel the cold at night in bed.

This design comes in many different designs and colors, including animal print, plaid and ivory. So there will be something that will coordinate with your bedroom decor.

 Cozy Fleece Bed Sheet Set, Super Soft Plush Microfiber With Deep PocketsCozy Fleece Bed Sheet Set, Super Soft Plush Microfiber With Deep Pockets


✅ King Size Microfleece Sheets

These sheets look so cozy and inviting. Ideal for cold winters nights.

The plaid color is stunning and will look great in a farmhouse style bedroom.

Alternatively there are plenty of other patterns and colors to choose from.

 Super Soft Plaid Fleece Cozy and Warm in WinterSuper Soft Plaid Fleece Cozy and Warm in Winter


✅ Microfiber Sheet Set for a Crib

It’s great that the set contains two sheets. So practical for a crib as a dirty sheet can be taken off and replaced quickly.

Washing and drying is easy as well, making them a great practical choice for a youngsters room.

 Woodland Scene Set of Two Crib SheetsWoodland Scene Set of Two Crib Sheets


✅ Black and White Stripe Microfiber sheets that Make a Statement

This sheet really make a strong design statement. Great for a black and white themed bedroom with a minimalist vibe.

 Striking Black and White Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase SetStriking Black and White Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set


✅ Warm Microfiber Sheets for Winter

If you live in a cold part of the country then it’s a lovey idea to have a different set of warm sheets to snuggle into over the cold months.

I love this black and white botanical design but it is available in many other colors and patterns.

 Perfect for Winter Cozy Brush Sheet SetPerfect for Winter Cozy Brush Sheet Set


✅ Split King Bedding Set

I quite common for couples to have a split mattress bed. This is because each person has their own personal taste in mattresses for example some people love a hard matress.

This useful set allows each mattress to have its own fitted sheet. The flat sheet however covers both sides of the bed.

The particular set comes in a huge range of different colors.

 Brushed Microfibre Split King Set With PillowsBrushed Microfibre Split King Set With Pillows


✅ Microfiber Sheets with Deep Pockets

If you have a very deep mattress of up to 24 inches this is the beding sheet and pillow set for you.

The color featured here is very pretty but there are many other colors to choose from. There is bound to be a color choice to suit your bedroom decor.

 Extra Deep Pocket MIcrofiber Sheets for Thick MattressesExtra Deep Pocket MIcrofiber Sheets for Thick Mattresses


✅ Brushed Microfiber Sheets with Elastic Corner Straps

To ensure a neat and snug fit to the sheet these have an elastic strap at each corner.

These will be so lovely and warm as they are double brushed.

This set comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

 Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet With Elastic StrapsDeep Pocket Fitted Sheet With Elastic Straps


✅ Single Bed Sheet and Comforter Set Microfiber

Here a lovely set for a young boy that is into trains.

What i like about this set is the way the striped sheet coordinates so well with the train pattern on the comforter.

 Train Pattern Ultra Soft Microfiber Boys Comforter SetTrain Pattern Ultra Soft Microfiber Boys Comforter Set


✅ Pretty Floral Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets

Here is a lovely set of botanical design brushed sheet sets.

If this is not to your taste then these are available in many different styles and colors of floral prints.

 Pretty Floral Print Fitted Sheet Set With Deep PocketsPretty Floral Print Fitted Sheet Set With Deep Pockets


✅ Super Cozy Ultra Soft Microfiber Sheet Set

This set is extra cozy as the sheet material is made from double brushed microfiber.

The set consists of 6 pieces that includes a deep pocket sheet that is designed to stay in place once the bed is made.

I you look at the picture below you can see the different colors this set is available in.

 Ulta Soft Warm and Cosy Luxury Bedding SetUlta Soft Warm and Cosy Luxury Bedding Set


✅ Pretty Sky Blue Brushed Microfiber Bedding Set

This lovely blue bedding set has such a lovely clean and fresh color. It’s going to look good in any bedroom.

This set comes in a wide variety of different colors and patterns.

 Sky Blue Brushed Microfibre Sheet Set With PillowsSky Blue Brushed Microfibre Sheet Set With Pillows


✅ Child’s Microfiber Bedding Set With Disney Frozen Pattern

I know loads of young girls that would simply love to have this sheet and pillow case set in their bedroom.

The pattern is very pretty but these sheets are easy to wash and dry so are practical in a child’s bedroom.

It consists of a fitted sheet, flat sheet and a pillow case cover.

 Disney Frozen Bedding Set for a Child’s RoomDisney Frozen Bedding Set for a Child's Room


✅ Children’s Room Horse Pattern Bedding Set with Comforter

As a child I was completely obsessed with horses, I would have absolutely loved this bedding set.

This set includes everything a child need to sleep at night. Because it is made from microfiber it will be warm and cosy.

 Horse Lovers Child’s Bedding Set With ComforterHorse Lovers Child's Bedding Set With Comforter


✅ Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

These sheets are made from a mixture of 80% Polyester, 20% Coolmax Microfiber that is designed to wick moisture away from your body to help you stay cool through the night.

You can find out more information on the Coolmax Technology by visiting and scrolling down on this page.

 Moisture Wicking Bed Cooling Sheets for Night SweatsMoisture Wicking Bed Cooling Sheets for Night Sweats


✅ Luxury Sheet Bedding Set

Microfiber sheets can also come into the luxury end of the market.

I like that this set has nice details like pin tucks in the sides of the pillow cases. A nice touch that makes these look premium quality.

This set is available in a wide range of different colors and sizes.

 Full Size Hotel Style Luxury Sheet SetFull Size Hotel Style Luxury Sheet Set


✅ Best Microfiber Sheets for the Money

If you are on a budget I would recommend these sheets they come in at a great price.

The set consists of a fitted sheet, a top sheet together with 2 pillowcases, so you get plenty for your money.

 Value Budget Double Brushed Microfiber Sheet setValue Budget Double Brushed Microfiber Sheet  set



What are Microfiber Sheets?

Microfibre are really fine manmade fibers that are most often made from polyester, however, they can be made from nylon or rayon.

Sheets that are made from this material are comfortable and warm yet cool in the summer.

Microfiber Bedding Pros and Cons

The advantage of microfiber bedding are many including

  • cheap and easily obtained
  • warm and cozy during the colder months
  • nonbrushed sheets are cool in summer
  • come in a great range of different designs, patterns and colors.
  • washed in cool water
  • don’t require ironing as wrinkle-resistant
  • naturally stain resistant

Some disadvantages of microfiber bedding includes

  • low-quality sheets will not last long before ripping and wearing out
  • will be damaged by high heat and fabric softeners
  • can attract hair and other fabric fibers, not for you if you have pets that sleep on the beds!
  • made from petroleum by-products so might be considered bad for the environment.

Does Microfiber Breathe?

I found a great article here that explains why microfiber bedding is best for people with heavy night sweating.

It explains that while cotton and linens are good for moderate sweating microfiber wicks away moisture making them the best choice for people that get really hot at night.

Benefits of Microfiber Sheets

I love these sheets as they are cheap, easy to wash and dry, don’t require ironing. Also they come in a wide range of different patterns and bright colors.

If you choose the correct sheet, they are cool in summer and warm during the winter.

Polyester vs Microfiber Sheets

This question is a bit confusing as most microfiber sheets are made from polyester. However, some polyester sheets are woven in the same way cotton or linen sheets.

Polyester is most often mixed with natural products like cotton to reduced the price. These are nice sheets that resemble 100% cotton sheets,

Are Microfiber Sheets Good to Sleep In?

Generally people report a great sleep experience with these kinds of sheets. They are a good choice if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford really good quality linen or cotton sheets.

One thing to bare in mind is that there are many different types of microfiber sheeting materials. You really need to choose the best one for your circumstances.

For example if you get hot at night choose smooth sheets instead of double brushed.

How to Wash Microfiber Bed Sheets

Obviously you should consult the label for your particular brand of sheets.

However, most microfiber sheets require little effort to launder. They can be washed using cool water and normal detergent.

They must not be washed at high temperatures, washed with fabric conditioner or tumbled dried a high heat. Also, it is recommended that you launder these sheets on there own, as the microfiber can pick up lint from other materials like cotton!

Tumble dry on a cool heat, using dryer balls if available. If washed properly these sheets don’t require ironing.

What is Brushed Microfiber Fabric?

This refers to the manufacturing process that makes the sheets fluffy. Ideally, go for sheets that are brushed on both sides as this is a sign of qualkity.

Are Microfiber Sheets Hot to Sleep On?

If a cool night sleep is your goal then look for those microfiber sheets that are smooth. So avoid brushed and fleece sheets.

Another tip is to look at the ratings of the product you want to buy to see if people who have bought the product report the sets and cool to sleep in. In Amazon the reviews are at the bottom of the page.

What is a GMS Thread Count?

It is confusing with thread counts!. I found this interesting in depth article that explains the difference between thread counts and GMS.

Briefly, thread counts shouldn’t really be used to describe microfiber sheet although this is some we often see. Instead, look for the GSM {grams per square meter} the higher the number the better the quality.

Another term to be familiar with is GSM. The grams per square meter measurement stands for the weight of the fabric woven into per meter of your quilts. A higher GSM indicates a plusher, more comfortable quilt.

Read More Here

Linen vs Microfiber

For the best sleeping experience linen sheets are considered the best. There is just one problem they are eye wateringly expensive. Linen sheets are durable, will last for many years and can be laundered at high temperatures.

On the other hand, a nice of microfiber sheets are 5 – 10 times cheaper than linen. Also, they can be washed using high temperatures.

Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets

100% Cotton sheets will if looked after last for many years without wearing out or tearing. They can be washed at very high temperatures and tumbled dried. They can be laundered using fabric softener.

Brush microfiber sheets are soft and comfortable to sleep in, but can be damaged if washed on a high heat or tumbled dried. Also you can’t use fabric softener in the wash.

Microfiber sheet sets are available at very low cost, while a really good set of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets will cost much more.

What is a Good Thread Count for Microfiber Sheets?

Because of the way microfibre material is manufactured. Thread count in the traditional that way that we see with cotton and linen, is not used.

With microfiber, the way to judge the quality of the product is by the GSM (grams per square meter). The higher the GSM the better.

Look for products with a GSM of over 90.

Are Microfiber Sheets Warm?

If you choose the sheets that are double brushed you will find them lovely and warm and cozy.

There are also fleece style sheets that are even more cozy to sleep in.

If you live in a area with hot summers and cold winters then consider buying a winter bedding set and a set of summer sheets, so you can swap over in spring and fall.

Are all Microfiber Sheets Hypoallergenic?

Look out for products that have hypoallergenic on the label.

Generally, a microfiber sheet is considered a good choice for anyone with allergies, however, this can’t be guaranteed as everyone’s sensitivities are different. Please research before buying maybe contacting the manufacturer would be useful.

The best choice for people that are very allergic is just a set of 100% cotton sheets. As these can be laundered at very high temperatures without damage. Also cotton won’t contain chemicals that an artificial fiber might.


I hope you have found the perfect set of sheets for the bed in your bedroom.

As you can see there are plenty of different products to choose from, there is bound to be the perfect set of sheets for your circumstances.