20 Best Desk Organizers – Cool Desktop Accessories for 2021

Here is my guide to the best desk organizers for a home office. This includes some cool desktop accessories for 2020.

What I like about a desk organizer is the way all those small fiddly items that everyone needs can be organized. For example paper clips, post-it notes, bulldog clips, pens, pencils and highlighters.

I love my desk as it gives me plenty of space to work in however it is so easy for this are to become disorganized and full of clutter. Thank goodness there are plenty of desktop accessories that will help you keep the desk neat and tidy.

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It is impossible to choose a favorite amongst the products I’ve chosen. There is however a desk tidy to suit every home office decoration style and your own practical storage need.

Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set

I can see the person who would love this set as a young and with an office that is decorated in pastel shades. The rose gold seems to pair well with pinks and blues.

Distressed Wooden Desk Tidy

I know many people love the shabby chic look. If this is your style then you will love this wooden distressed desktop organizer.

There is plenty of space for all your stationery and even has space for paper and letters.

Cute Desk Organizer with Drawers

I just love the cute little bunny that comes with this wooden pen organizer. He can be used as dock for your cell phone. So sweet.

I like that this organizer has a drawer.

Best Desk Organizer for Papers

In my opinion, this is the best desk organizer that will store paperwork that your are working on. I like that it doesn’t take up too much space on the desktop, yet still has plenty of storage space.

Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer

Here is a very useful office organizer that will help you to keep on top of all the paperwork you deal with on a daily basis.

Desk Organizer for Kids Room

All kids that are lucky enough to have their own desks need an organizer to keep all their craft supplies and pen, crayons and pencils.

I love that this organizer is like a lazy Susan as it spins around its easy for your kids to select what’s needed for there writing, arts or craft project. The 8 different wedge-shaped containers can easily be moved using the large handles.

Cheap Desk Organizer Idea

I found this great desk organizer for under $20 so well within anyone budget. These useful office accessories will hold a lot of your home office items that you use every day.

Desktop File Organizer Box

This is a very useful organizer if you need to have documents ready to hand as you work. This can hold up to 12 hanging file folder. I can see this item being very useful for a person that runs a business from home.

Monitor Stand and Mesh Metal Desk Organizer

If you are short on space this monitor stand also incorporates mesh drawers to keep all your office supplies.

Leather Desk Caddy

I like the sleek minimalist looks this leather desktop caddy has. It has plenty of space for all your office supplies. This I have filed under “stylish desk accessories”.

Pink Desk Organizer with Drawers

This is one of those organizers I think will appeal to teenage girls. I could see this sitting on a desk where homework is done.

Desk Organizer – Clear Acrylic

If you re aiming for a minimalist look then this is the kind of product you need sitting on your desk. It has plenty of room for letters, notebooks and pens.

Black Mesh Desk Tidy

This is my favorite, it just is so neat. I can see that even though it is quite small there is plenty of versatile space for your office supplies.

Desk Caddy – Wooden

I like the masculine looks to this caddy. Not just for men though. I certainly would be happy with this sitting on my desk.

Wooden Pen and Pencil Holder

If you have a large collection of pens and pencils to organize then this is the product you need. I could this as being very useful for a person that loves drawing.

Wooden Owl Desk Tidy

This is such a cute desk tidy in the shape of an owl. I love that the are you can keep your glasses are the eyes of the owl. So funny….

Post-it Note Holder Dispenser

Post-it notes are very useful, but once stuck they can fall down after a while. The post-it note holder has clips to keep your most important notes safe.

Cell Phone Stand and Charging Dock

If you spend a lot of time at your desk it is useful to have a place to charge your cell phone. This charging station has a sleek modern design that you will hardly see when not in use.

Hello Kitty Desk Tidy

This is a desk tidy that Hello Kitty lovers are just going to love. It would make an idea gift for a Hello Kitty fan.

Novelty Desktop Tidy – Guitar Player

This is certainly a very unusual desktop organizer as it has a metal man playing a guitar. How funny!!!

and finally

I wish you well in your efforts to both organize and declutter your office. I hope you are able to make a beautiful and calm area to work in.

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